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Victims of LaRouche

Jeremiah DUGGAN
Justice for Jeremiah Campaign
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The Jeremiah Inquest.
LaRouche going to Frankfurt, Germany and making speeches giving false information

Ken Kronberg

We extend sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Ken Kronberg. We learn that Ken devoted his life to doing what he thought would benefit mankind and it ended with him committing suicide by jumping to his death. This supports our view that all human life is precious and that serious questions need to be answered about the LaRouche cult. Molly Kronberg, the widdow of Ken, is engaged in legal action in the USA to get justice.

LaRouche slimes Kronberg widow again [ click here ]


My Experience of the LaRouche Organization: "A Living Prison"

Testimony from an ex-member exposing the LaRouche organisation. Read the description of cruelty, criminality and the dangers


The Justice for Jeremiah Campaign has received many letters from ex-members and from families of current members, expressing their experiences and concerns. Here is one letter from an ex-member.


My testimony on the Lyndon LaRouche Youth Movement in France can be read Here


Mrs Whitton
Victim of Alzheimer's Disease : LaRouche Unit Bilked Woman, 79, Suit Says Here Here