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1 October 2002

The Secretary,
Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters,
Parliament of Australia
ACT 2600

Dear Madam,

Re: Unsuitability of the Citizens Electoral
Council to continue to be registered as a
political party in Australia.

The B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission Inc.
(ADC) is the human rights arm of B'nai B'rith
Australia/New Zealand. Its central purpose is to
oppose racism and anti-Semitism and to expose
the activities of extremist organisations that
contribute to disharmony in multicultural societies.

The ADC argues in the enclosed submission that
the rules of the Australian Electoral Commission
should be tightened in order to prevent unfit
organisations such as the Citizens Electoral
Council from continuing to enjoy the status of a
political party in Australia.

We request your Standing Committee to consider this request.
Yours sincerely

(Dr) Paul Gardner
Chairman B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission Inc.

(03) 9578 4724; 0412 275 623
Submission of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission Inc. to the Standing Committee of
the Federal Parliament on Electoral Matters

Subject: The registration of the Citizens Electoral Commission as a political party.

There is little doubt that an open and unfettered party system has greatly contributed to Australia’s robust liberal democracy. However, though the Citizens’ Electoral Council (hereafter CEC) is a registered political party, it is neither open nor unfettered. Rather, its objective is to undermine the very political system that gives it succor. By its very nature a democratic society contains within it a vast range of views on all kinds of matters and this should be encouraged. Nonetheless, this is not a licence to destroy the democratic system itself. Even a democratic society needs to be defended. The CEC’s own literature rejects the principles and tenets which underpin the Australian political system. It shows a deliberate intent to undermine the notion of tolerance which pervades Australian society and which has the support of the vast majority of its citizens whose cultural backgrounds are many.

On any measure of objectivity the CEC appears to beof a cult or sect masquerading as a political party. The evidence for this is supported by its questionable practices. It has a guru, Lyndon LaRouche, who controls and directs the CEC from his headquarters in Leesburg, Virginia in the United States. Indeed, the CEC is an unabashed mouthpiece of Lyndon LaRouche in Australia. Nothing is done without the imprimatur of this man. La Rouche is a convicted felon in the United States, sentenced in December 1988 to 15 years in prison for conspiracy and mail fraud. Paroled in January 1994, La Rouche has established a worldwide organization to spread and activate his extreme economic, political, social, and racial ideas.

The CEC has is headquartered in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg. There is nothing transparent about its operations.The LaRouche organization compels its overseas operators like the CEC to implement its programmes, methods, and techniques including those concerned with funding. This latter point might help explain how it is that the CEC with an acknowledged small financial membership, and not even a sniff of likely pariiamentary representation anywhere in Australia, is the fifth most cashed-up political party in the nation. It is patently clear that the CEC’s extensive cash flow is not absorbed by electoral matters. Rather, such money is redistributed to other branches of the LaRouche organizational family. All senior roles in the CEC are determined by its masters in Leesburg.

That the CEC has been granted registration by the Australian Electoral Commission (hereafter AEC) suggests that it is time for the AEC to overhaul its rules. Australian law currently forbids persons in


possession of a foreign passport or dual citizenship from becoming members of the federal parliament.
And yet, the AEC permits a group such as the CEC, whose allegiance is to a foreign organization, to
stand candidates as a political party in both federal and state elections in Australia . This apparently
contradictory situation is made even more incongruous when the CEC is also able to register another
political party called the Curt/n Labor Alliance to contest elections in Western Australia against itself.

CEC Ideology
Clear accounts of the convoluted ideology, platform and objectives of Lyndon LaRouche aka CEC’s
can be found in Appendices A & B. These expose the CEC as a totalitarian sect which at its core is
both racist and antisemitic. The odd LaRouche/CEC internationalist and nationalist worldview is
permeated with this hateful ideology. To obtain financial and human support for its activities, the
CEC especially targets are the frail, elderly, the socially bewildered and the culturally alienated.

CEC Finances
The probity of the CEC is not at all supported by its financial statements which by law it is
required to furnish to the AEC. These documents fail to clarify how and from whom its extensive funds are raised. Moreover, a gigantic query hovers over the expenditure account. If only the last two financial returns of CEC are taken as an example of its operations, (Appendices C&D) donations of $1,500 or more supply the CEC with only a small percentage of the overall revenue ‘given’ it. A claim by CEC’s national secretary, Craig Isherwood (Sunday Telegraph, March 3, 2002) that its revenues were so large because they included sales of videos and literature beggars credulity. Neither is the enigma answered when it comes to the sect’s debt. The 1999/2000 return declares that it has been obliged to dispatch $941,115.24 of the $1,113,220.22 collected to be dispatched to another LaRouche member,” Publications and General Management” in Leesburg. Indeed, the bulk of CEC monies is earmarked to LaRouche fronts. In spite of the CEC’s acknowledgement that it has 22 field officers fully employed to bring in revenue, their collective wage bill fails to appear in the financial statements. These documents cover-up far morethan they reveal.

Curtin Labor Alliance
In 2000, the CEC joined with the WA Municipal Employees’ Union to form the Curtin Labor Alliance. The name of Curtin, Australia’s deeply respected war-time Prime Minister, was probably chosen with the intent of misleading the union and the wider public into believing that they were supporting a respectable Labor-oriented party. The person who applied for its registration as a political party was the CEC’s national secretary, Craig William Isherwood of 15 Muchell Grove, Coburg, Melbourne (Appendix

E). This raises questions not just about the propriety of one accredited political party being involved in the creation of another, but the purpose of such an act..The federal elections of 2001 provided the spectacle in Western Australia of the CEC competing for seats in the Senate and House of Representatives against its own Curtin LaborAlliance. Elecfions tend to concentrate the public mind on national issues . Given that electoral support for the two parties collectively was always going to be miniscule —as confirmed by this federal poll — it must be concluded that the objective of the contest was primarily the propagation of LaRouchean ideas. If this created a condition for the CEC to lay claim on the public purse for future elections, it would be an added bonus.

The Anti-Defamation Commission (here after ADC) contends that a full investigation should be carried out, with the full weight of parliamentary authority, into the funding mechanisms pf the CEC. This should include, if necessary, examination by federal criminal investigation authorities in conjunction with professional auditors.

The ADC notes there are rules in place concerning the funding of political parties However, in the ADC’s view, there seem to be inadequate sanctions for breaches of these rules. Hence it believes that if the CEC, or any other organization which sponsors a political party breaches those rules, effective penalties should be applied. These could include the forfeiting to the Commonwealth of all funds obtained in breach of the Electoral Commission’s rules.

(Dr) Paul Gardner
Chairman B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission
99 Hotham St. Balaclava, Victoria 3182
The assistance of the ADC’s senior political analysis, Dr. Rodney Gouttman, in compiling this submission is gratefully acknowledged.


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Pernicious Vision: Challenge from
within Australia’s Extreme Right

Rodney Gouttman


The import of racist-Right ideas into Australia occurred long before the Internet became a major warehouse of international hate. Usually but not always these, newcomers have had an American parentage. There can be no greater example of this than the Citizens’ Electoral Council (hereafter CEC). It is a tad ironic that this transplant has come into being through the highjack of a cabal of the Australian League of Rights (hereafter the League), perhaps the oldest, and certainly the most persistent racist-Right secret organization in the land. As a Lyndon LaRouche clone, the CEC hit the road down-under at a full run, well cashed up. It has positioned itself to challenge the League’s primacy in the extreme Right.

After the Holocaust, public expressions of antisemitism have usually been regarded down-under as socially gauche and politically inept. This does not mean that those ideologically disposed to promote Judeophobia have quietened; rather they have parked it under an anti-Zionist banner. In their vocabulary of hate, the World Jewish conspiracy has been re-tuned as the World Zion/st conspiracy. The object of this unsubtle subterfuge is at least threefold—to fireproof themselves against the charge of antisemitism, to politicise what is racial, and to garner support from those opposed to the existence of the Jewish State. Rarely does the CEC speak of the evils of Judaism or Jews per Se; rather it abuses Jewish leaders and organizations such as the B’nai B’rith Anti- Defamation Commission. However, the fact is that, being a Lyndon

Australian Jopurnal of Jewish Studies XV(2001)


A Pernicious Vision: Australia’s Extreme Right

LaRouche plant, the CEC rests easy on a thoroughly antisemitic foundation.

Most academic commentators admit that terms such as “extreme Right,” racist Right,” “ultra-Right,” or even “lunar Right,” are too often used without definitional precision. Nonetheless, as Paul Spoonley suggests, all these nomenclatures are synonyms for groups whose overall ideology includes conspiracy theory, heightened antisemitism, delusions of the supremacy of the white race, sexism, an intense contempt for liberal democracy, and a distaste for anything which even hints at socialism or communism (Spoonley 1987:21-46). Their intense paranoia leads them to operate in secrecy, using front groups to speak for them in public.

Albeit too briefly, this article addresses the CEC’s pivotal notions, paranoia and eccentric social, political and racial ideas, while mentioning its particular totalitarian structure and scurrilous methods. Like others of its ilk, CEC has as its target demographic generally, but particularly in the rural and regional areas, those who feel deeply hurt, alienated, and left bewildered by the consequences of rapid technical and social changes which are continuing to engulf them. Given that post-industrialism is at full throttle, and into the foreseeable future unlikely to diminish, the potential growth for groups such as the CEC is most evident, with a prospect that could spell danger for the nation’s democratic system.

Unlike others in the extreme Right family such as the League which eschews overt party political action,1 the CEC does masquerade as a political party, not in its own right as such, but as a shopfront for Lyndon LaRouche. It has already contested past State and Federal elections, and is preparing for the next crop. As a pseudo-party, though one officially registered, the CEC given its nature fails the test of transparency and accountability. Entering mainstream politics, it has the potential in a democratic system to pervert the public debate.

Given the understandable growing unease over globalization and its associated notions such as free trade, deregulation and privatisation, there seems to be, on the linguistic plane, justification



Rodney Gouttman

for Left and extreme Right critiques. This provides the extreme Right with an opportunity to gain some respectability, and a possible conduit by which its other views may be propagated. Because of its anti-Zionist banner, the CEC may attract support from those people and organizations who are angered by the continued existence of the State of Israel.

As an extreme Right agoraphobe, the CEC uses all the agencies —the Internet, sectarian broad sheets, pamphlets, books, videos, talk-back radio, grass roots street-stall harangues, letter box drops—to spread its word. Though the CEC does not court public attention through open displays of violence as does National Action, contrary to its rhetoric its ultimate purpose is the destruction of the liberal democratic state which it sees as a Jewish creation.

The League Challenged

From its inception the League has dutifully followed its founder, mentor and organization supremo, Eric Butler, whose influence has spread through the old white British Empire/ Commonwealth-Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and South Africa (Campbell 1978). It continues to be wedded to the Social Credit doctrines of Englishman C.H. Douglas (1979), and to the racialism of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, interpreted by Butler as The International Jew: The Truth about the Protocols of Zion. Only in 1999 did illness force this octogenarian to relinquish his leadership of the League.2 It is yet to be seen how the League will stand the changes from within the Rightwing family without him.

A plethora of latter day Rightwing groups has arisen, including New Ageists, Holocaust deniers, the Adelaide Institute, bullying National Action, atheistic Christian Identity groups, Christians Speaking Out, and the Gun Lobby. None has challenged the influence of the League in the way the CEC has. Fundamentally, unlike other extreme Rightwing groups, these two are ideologically at loggerheads. The CEC is totally committed to the assassination of the League's most cherished value—support for all things Anglo-Saxon, and particularly the British Monarchy, which the CEC sees as the devil incarnate.



A Pernicious Vision: Australia’s Extreme Right



The CEC is a creation of convicted American felon and former United States presidential candidate, Lyndon LaRouche, who describes himself as a "physical economist." His stamp is on every utterance and action. The CEC website proclaims itself "a federally-registered political party... led by the Australian co-thinkers of American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche..." The purpose is to promote LaRouche theory and practice modified to the specific call of the Australian context. The original CEC in Queensland was established in the late 1980s, with a preponderance of League members including current President Betty Luks,3 to advocate the implementation of the Swiss notion of Citizens Initiated Referendum as a dominant feature of the Australian mainstream electoral system. By 1992 the CEC was hijacked and fully absorbed into the Lyndon LaRouche camp. The CECs broadsheet underwent a name change from The Citizen to The New Citizen. Organizational headquarters moved from rural Queensland to the working class Melbourne suburb of Coburg.4 The reason given for the transfer was that it saw Melbourne as the capital of Australian Jewry, and hence it was efficacious to observe the arch enemy in its lair from close range. The newly cosseted headquarters was wired to the LaRouche bunker in Leesburg, Virginia, USA. While LaRouche has not visited Australia, though such a move was once mooted,5 his criminal record is not likely to induce Australian authorities to permit his entry.


The Guru's World View


The LaRouche Weltanschauung, unequivocally totalitarian, sits easily upon antisemitic foundations. Blame for all the social evils confounding the contemporary world is attributed to a mystical body called the Oligarchy, which just so happens to be a clutch of bankers and usurers who are the descendants of Jews dispersed to Babylon. After leaving Babylon they spread across the world, finally to gather in London. There they settled to plot the destiny of the world on their own terms, and establish the LaRouche version of the world Jewish cum Zionist conspiracy.



Rodney Gouttman

Via the CEC, LaRouche projects his own obsession for secrecy and conspiracy, and his penchant for front organizations onto the Oligarchy. True to extreme Rightwing orthodoxy, it has a mysterious organization to do its bidding in Switzerland since 1947, the Mont Pelerin Society.7 This new version of the notion of the Illuminati operates through acolytes in each country, to dominate economic and social policy. In Australia its membership reads as the Who's Who of Australian capitalism. Included are all the major banks, insurance companies and financial institutions, as well as British transnational corporations such as Rio Tinto, mega media moguls, the Australian Farmers' Federation, and influential conservative think-tanks such as the H.R. Nicholls Society, the Tasman Institute, and the Centre for independent Studies.8 The ultimate object of the international web of influential elites and individuals is the formation of one-world-government at the behest of London. In LaRouche speak, "London" and "Great Britain" are synonyms for the Oligarchy. Everything British is denounced as heinous. Queen Elizabeth II and her spouse are accused of being activists on behalf of the evil Jewish-British Commonwealth. Allegedly she holds the global franchise for two of the Oligarchy's pet perversions, drugs and pornography,9 with the mission of perverting in the basest manner the moral fibre of nations. She is seen as the Queen of the Jews.10


The Mont Pelerin activism is not restricted to the private domain of the economy, but has cadres in highest echelons of the Federal parliament and the national bureaucracy. All Australian Prime Ministers, from Robert Hawke in 1983 to John Howard, are its dupes. Kirn Beazley is not excluded.11 They are all accused of leading Australia down the greasy pole to economic and social crisis. The Oligarchy demands that their decision-makers follow the "bottom line" of free market economics. This is manifest in current fire-sales of public assets and utilities, the deregulation of labor and capital markets, the allowance of predatory practices in transnational corporations, the export of manufacturing jobs overseas to places with far lower wage profiles, and the floating exchange rates leaving nations at the mercy of currency sharks. The upshot of all this is a total disruption of the livelihoods and accustomed lifestyles of ordinary people.



A Pernicious Vision: Australia’s Extreme Right

The Antidote


LaRouche's antidote to this worldwide disaster is re-industrialization of the economy. It is predicated on the triumph of Industrial Capital over the Money Capital of the Oligarchy. This will be led by a transformed America, not the liberal democratic America of the present, which is in the control of the Oligarchy. Reflecting his one time flirtation with Trotskyism, the features of the LaRouche metamorphosis of America include a command economy, completely standardized work practices, centralized labor and capital markets, Everest-high tariffs, and fixed international exchange rates. In other words, an inversion of the ways of the Oligarchy. LaRouche chillingly explains:


...the really smart crowd operating from behind the curtains is no longer trying to save the present world financial system... jTJhey are burying it a little bit at a time to prepare their post-end-game scenarios.12


Ultimate victory cannot be achieved by one nation alone, even by the reconstructed America. All nations in concert have to consent to the LaRouche principle initiated by a New Bretton Woods. Just as the original Bretton Woods in 1944 developed a plan to restore Europe after the ravages of World War II, so a similar conference is imperative to redeem the world from an all-embracing economic crisis induced by the Oligarchy. Presumably each nation would implement simultaneously the LaRouche economic plan of domination, centralization and protectionism.13 As he would have it:


...a "New Bretton Woods" system of tariff protection, fixed exchange rates and capital controls must replace the disastrous present "globalist" system, or the world will collapse into a genocidal New Dark Age. [I am] committed to building the LaRouchean political movement, in the United states and around the world, in order to bring the New Bretton Woods into being.14


Another irony here is that the original Bretton Woods Conference, established two major pillars of the current international financial



Rodney Gouttman

system-the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund—which are both, according to LaRouche and hence the CEC, tools of the Oligarchy.


In a sense, the whole LaRouche scenario is a replay of the American War of Independence. It is up to an America enthused with his ideology and practices to defeat the machinations of the British-led Oligarchy. This contest between Good and Evil is not limited to economics, but has accompanying social, cultural and racial dimensions. The defeat of the Oligarchy with its money power will see arise a new human hierarchy, with a superhuman race at the pinnacle like the Philosopher-King in Plato's Republic. In a moral inversion of nomenclature, these new rulers would be called Humanists (King 1998:286-289).


It is doubtful whether this idiosyncratic paradigm was known to the thirty candidates-22 men and eight women-that CEC fielded in the Australian Federal Elections of 1998. Either their current candidates for forthcoming elections are being kept in ignorance, or they simply do not seem to care what it entails.15 The principle theme running through the campaign rhetoric of the 1998 teams to a person was not in any way ideological as such, but expressed the harm and hurt of people who have seen, perhaps experienced, the ravages of post-industrialism and globaiization in their own backyards.16


The Australian Connection


One might ask why LaRouche should bother with Australia, a country which does not play a pivotal role in the international marketplace. Four reasons are suggested. As a nation suffering the scourge of globalization, deregulation and privatization, Australia no less than other places, is perceived as ripe for the LaRouche ideology and methodology. Future Australian governments, like past ones, are likely to be seduced by the Oligarchy into continuing its policies both domestically and internationally. If this does happen, there will be even greater anger, bewilderment and alienation, leaving opportunities available to LaRouche to exploit such reactions.




A Pernicious Vision: Australia’s Extreme Right

A second aspect is LaRouche's belief that Australia is used by the Oligarchy as a land bridge into Asia-Pacific. His evidence is the increasing number of British firms interested in Asia-Pacific, firms that are establishing their headquarters in Australia. Australia is then a core regional battleground on which the LaRouche minion, CEC, should stand and fight the Oligarchy. As the CEC itself explains:


The rowing importance of Asia and of the countries around the Pacific means that Australia is much stronger for Britain as a bridge into the area of the world of growing importance. Reflecting this bridge into Asia an astonishing total of 130 companies, most of them British, have set up their Asia/Pacific headquarters in Australia...17


A third element has been the recent push in Australia to transform itself from a constitutional monarchy with the British monarch as its titular head into a fully fledged republic. The attempted break with the monarchy has a certain fascination for the LaRouche group. As the CEC expresses it:


Australia sends 35% of its offshore investment to Britain. British investment in Australia in the 1980s has grown enormously, while the increased colonization of Australia has been backed by a cultural and intelligence offensive: ASIS has an M16 officer attached to its headquarters in Canberra and other intelligence gathering organizations. Through Mont Pelerin Society connections, there has been a take-over of the political system.18


Finally, there is the lure of Australia's well organized Labor Movement that stirs the guru's old Leftist tendencies. He sees the proletariat as a launching pad for his revolution. The ordinary workers are deemed a most vulnerable population at the mercy of globalization, privatization and a deregulated labor market that has diminished the availability, nature, tenure, conditions and distribution of work. With this in mind, the CEC tactic is to denigrate the leaders of both the parliamentary and industrial wings of the Labor movement, charging them with being the servants of the Oligarchy, and therefore calling for their replacement by activists imbued with the values of "Old Labor." The CEC cites as the icons of "Old Labor”




Rodney Gouttman

W.G. Spence, King O'Malley, Frank Anstey, J.T. Lang and John Curtin.19 What these men have in common is that all in their own way in Australia's history snubbed the Oligarchy.

Essential in the eyes of the CEC in its push for "Old Labor" values is the creation of two institutions: a "Commonwealth National Credit Bank" to create all the credit necessary for national infrastructural development, and an "interstate Commission" to prioritize this infrastructure, and set tariffs to protect Australian manufacture from overseas competition.20


Religio-cultural view


LaRouche describes his cult as "Judeo-Christian-Piatonic." Its exact religious position is somewhat ambiguous, but it seems to follow a "white Protestant" Christian line. On one hand he and his CEC assert the egalitarian position that all are created in the image of the Creator,21 while on the other hand restricting inclusion. To LaRouche, Roman Catholicism is anathema, and he is reported to describe Italian-Americans as obsessed with images of the Virgin Mary, and Irish-Americans as priggish Catholics responsible for a "body-eroding orgy of fertility." The British are low life because they follow a Zionist philosophy which, he says, emphasizes the "sensual appetites and impulsions of a racial group, making that racial group self-defined as moral likeness to a lower beast" (King 1998:288-290). Russians and Chinese are similarly abused (King 1998:290). The invocation of the name "Plato" is there to suggest that the LaRouche worldview is based on rational philosophic foundations. Despites its claim to care for all equally, the CEC promotes social hierarchy, and rejects-and despises-any group that does not match the LaRouchean cultural kind.


Present Aversions


While the CEC declares a twelve-pronged fighting platform of popular issues,22 among its immediate pet hates are muiticuituralism, political correctness, notions of Aboriginal uniqueness and exclusivity over land, environmentalism, republicanism, and free trade




A Pernicious Vision: Australia’s Extreme Right

economics. In common with other members of the extreme Right, the CEC has little time for the social ideology of multiculturalism that has gathered support amongst Australians since the early 1970s. It says:


[A]ll mankind are created equal, and are thus sovereign individuals under natural law. It follows, therefore, that the arguments of today's multiculturalists, that there are different races with different needs is a racist fraud...23


Particularly galling to the CEC is any hint of anti-vilification legislation to prevent the spread of race hatred. Such legislation establishes a political correctness which is designed to "silence community groups."24 Hence it has lobbied vigorously, with some success, against the efforts of the Bracks Victorian Labor Government to pass its "Anti-Vilification and Religious Toleration Act." It argues on two platforms: freedom of speech, and a desire to prevent the national cohesiveness from disintegrating. In the same breath, however, the CEC argues that liberal democratic values are the sham perpetrated on the nation by the Oligarchy which would doubtless lead to the disestablishment of sovereign Australia.


The Aboriginal Question particularly upsets the CEC, and the group seeks to undermine the basis upon which the matter rests, that Aboriginals are Australia's original people, and what follows, such as Aboriginal Land Rights and claims for special treatment. Those who affirm such objects are toadies of the Oligarchy. Here, according to the CEC, is another example of the attempt to pit groups of Australians against each other. Apparently, it is the practice of the Oligarchy to adopt the tactic of divide and rule, in a strategy to undermine national unity and sovereignty. The CEC rejects Aboriginal uniqueness, and any claim to be compensated for cultural dispossession and genocide suffered since the arrival of Europeans in 1788. It does this by arguing that they were not Australia's first people. The evidence from which it draws sustenance is the "Bradshaw Rock Art of the Kimberleys" which purports to show other civilizations existed in Australia before the Aborigines. Moreover, when the Aborigines did arrive and colonize Australia, they did so, it is asserted, at the expense of the former dwellers. In other words, the Aboriginal people were involved in genocide and




Rodney Gouttman

cultural dispossession not less than the latter-day Europeans.25 Hence no grounds exist for their treatment different from non-Aboriginal Australians.


 Anthropologists who do press the Aboriginal Land Rights cause are in the pay of the Anglo-Jewish conspiracy. If they were to achieve their goals, Australia would become Balkanized, and her mineral wealth would be tied up for later exploitation in secret deals between the Aboriginals and British transnational corporations such as Rio Tinto.25 Those Australian High Court judgments favouring land rights in the case of Mabo and Wik are based on dubious academic studies concocted by a collection of "communists, witch doctors, and Royals."


It's Prince Philip's racial plot to split Australia, that after several years of preparatory work by British-run and communist anthropologists the Royal family stepped in to run the land rights movement.27


Environmentalism is criticized in similar caustic tones. The movement is led by the Duke of Edinburgh and his global World Wide Fund for Nature, with the object of grabbing Australia's natural resources. Doing his dirty work are those described by the CEC as "the dregs of society and pagans.'88 The theme of sequestering resources is also part of the criticism made by CEC of Australia's military intervention in East Timor under the umbrella of the United Nations, another hated body. It was not about saving the East Timorese from further bloodshed and oppression by militias which were army-controlled and helped if not directed. Rather, it was concerned with entrapment and control of rich oil and gas deposits in the Timor Gap, and the break up of Indonesia into smaller hapless entities, both awaiting pickings by the Oligarchy. One prominent CEC organizer, Alien Douglas, has summed it up:


British Monarchy and the City of London are bent upon "blowing up" Russia, China, India and any other nation-state which might help construct the New Bretton Woods financial pattern proposed by American statesman Lyndon LaRouche... If the British oil wins East Timor, along with their present dominating role in the Caspian Sea region and





A Pernicious Vision: Australia’s Extreme Right

the North Sea, as well as Alaska and Nigeria, they will be in a commanding power position globally to dictate oil policy.29


One might have though that because of the CECs pathological antipathy to the British Monarchy, it would have joined the Australian Republican Movement in its desire to have the national Constitutional referendum of 1999 change Australia from a constitutional monarchy to a republic. That did not happen because the republic model advocated did not meet its requirements.30 What raised its ire was the leadership of the republican push, people such as Malcolm Turnbull, a merchant banker with Goldman Sachs, considered by the CEC a card carrying representative of the Oligarchy.3^ It thus all smelted of the British-Jewish conspiracy.


The CEC is careful to guard its tongue when it comes to Judaism and Jews per se. Nonetheless, it excoriates individual "Zionist Jews"32 and organizations such as the B'nai B'rit Anti-Defamation League in the United States (hereafter ADL) and its Australian counterpart, the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission (hereafter ADC).33 In the United states, the ADL has been accused of having links to the FBI, funding white supremacist cells to vandalize synagogues, being associated with the Ku Klux Klan, and even being involved in the Masonic sacrifice of children. For his own strategic reasons, Lyndon has not been averse to befriending the antisemitic bigot Louis Farrakhan.34 In Australia, the ADC is said to have bankrolled the gaoled Jack van Tongeren of the anti-Asian and antisemitic Australia Nationalist Movement, and to be implicated in the 1996 massacre of .innocents by a deranged killer at Port Arthur in Tasmania.35


LaRouche estimates only one and a half million Jews died during World War II, and then only as a result of the Nazi policy of the application of "appropriate technology for the employment of inferior races.36 Hitler and his regime were creations of the Jewish banking houses, the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Oppenheimers, and ofother financial interests in London.37 "Jewish racketeers" were responsible for the Australian Broadcasting Commission's television



Rodney Gouttman

expose of the secret entry of Nazis and their collaborators into Australia in the immediate years after World War II, with the aim of profiting from the Holocaust.


Organization and Method


CEC goals are never left to chance or evolution, but are the product of extremely rigid and disciplined organization. Pseudo-psychological mind-control techniques, honed in the United States and backed with threats of violence, keep CEC recruits in line. Some are chosen for re-education courses in Leesburg. However there is also direct outreach. For example, LaRouche bodyguard, Herb Quinde, was dispatched to Melbourne to blacken the names of prominent members of the Jewish Community. The CEC has been accused of using dubious methods to raise substantial funds, including credit card fraud which has robbed some its members of the life savings.38


The principle conduits of propaganda for the CEC, apart from the Internet, are The New Citizen, the Executive Intelligence Review and the Schiller Foundation run by LaRouche's wife. CEC bureaucrats lobby politicians and government officials, often misrepresenting themselves as journalists. One operative even attempts to infiltrate Jewish organizations in a variety of disguises. Private detectives have been employed to "dig dirt" on certain Jewish leaders, a strategy described by former CEC activist Don Veitch as "stink bomb politics." There are letterbox drops, particularly in suburbs with a substantial Jewish population, while citizens are assailed in metropolitan streets to join the cause and buy CEC propaganda.


Small cadres of CEC workers exist in most Australian states. Only recently its secretary, Craig Isherwood, relocated from Coburg to Western Australia, to organise there, though the Coburg office remains. Anyone deemed not absolutely subservient to Lyndon LaRouche is purged.



A Pernicious Vision: Australia’s Extreme Right


The current societal situation in Australia is fecund for CEC propaganda. There is a growing convergence of Right and Left critiques of globalization even if their rationales differ. Already their activists have been in each other's company agitating outside the World Economic Forum's Asia-Pacific Economic Summit in Melbourne on 11 September 2000.39 The CEC has attempted to infiltrate the Labor Movement and has been rejected by its leaders.40 With the help of the small dissident Municipal Employees' Union of Western Australia, it formed the Curtin Labor Alliance to contest the Western Australian State elections in 2001. The invocation of John Curtin, a locally born World War II Australian Labor Prime Minister, was an attempt to attract the working class vote of those disapproving of the current crop of Labor leaders. This is also beginning a marriage of convenience between the racist League and Arab groups, based on their opposition to and shared hatred of the state of Israel.41 No doubt, in his inimitable way, LaRouche will harness his wagon to the anti-Zionist cause irrespective of the CEC claim


...that it has been active in attempting to secure a just Middle East settlement based on large scale economic development of the area in the mutual interests of Israel and an emerging Palestinian state...42


LaRouche is a friend neither of the Jews nor of the Jewish State.

While one ought to be cautious not to exaggerate the influence of CEC, it would be equally foolish to dismiss it as an eccentric, flash-in-the-pan Rightwing fringe group which promotes quirky economic ideas, anti-social and politically destabilizing notions and a thoroughly racist platform. The CEC, as with the extreme Rightwing family, thrives on the existential misery of people. The effects of globalization along with its associated free market concepts, aided and abetted by the electronic revolution, continue to sweep aside those cultural and social verities which have traditionally anchored communities. In increasing numbers, losers in this new and



Rodney Gouttman

confronting environment could well be attracted by the simplistic and populist messages of the CEC. What is certain, this pernicious cult-like organization is unlikely to disappear




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A Pernicious Vision: Australia’s Extreme Right

borrowed funds from Great Britain in the early years of the Great Depression. Curtin brought back troops from the Middle East to defend the Australian hinterland in defiance of Winston Churchill. Some of these men articulated strong antisemitic sentiments. For an overall view of Left antisemitism see Gouttman (1991:23-29).

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Appendix B

B’nai B’rith
Anti-Defamation Commission Inc.                                                           Australia / New Zealand
The B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission Inc. is a national organisation
dedicated to researching and combating all forms of racism.
P.O. Box 450, Caulfield South, Victoria 3162, Australia.
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Since the late 1980s, a branch of an American fascist political cult has been operating in Australia.  Headquartered in Melbourne,  the "Citizens Electoral Council" (CEC) functions strictly according to the dictates of Virginia-based cult leader Lyndon LaRouche, a 78-year old who has served time in prison for fraud and tax evasion.

Lyndon LaRouche believes in an impending world crisis engineered by an alleged cabal of Jewish bankers based in Britain. He has established a worldwide movement dedicated to the advancement of this idea through the use of varied misinformation, fundraising, and political campaigns. LaRouche's racist conspiracies have been adapted by the CEC with local targets including Aborigines, Jews, environmentalists and the Australian Government.

The CEC plays a small but important part in the global LaRouche movement and should not be dismissed as a relatively insignificant or ineffectual vestige of the racist fringe. For, by deceptively promoting itself as a legitimate grassroots labour movement, the CEC has been able to target trade unionists and politicians, as well as gain recruits and raise millions of dollars by preying on elderly and educationally disempowered Australians.

This Briefing Paper seeks to shed light on a group that has undoubtedly become one of the best organised and financed, as well as one of the most pernicious, racist groups in Australia.



Born in Rochester in 1922, Lyndon LaRouche always saw himself as a leader. Always on the fringe, he was originally a Marxist before shifting to the far-right, championing the freedoms of the "industrial capitalists" over those of the proletariat.  Dennis King, author of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism, has noted that   LaRouche's shift from left to right mirrors the pattern of Benito Mussolini, who was editor of a socialist newspaper before founding Italy’s fascist party.


LaRouche in his own words

Chinese are a "paranoid" people, sharing, with "lower forms of animal life", a "fundamental distinction from actually human personalities".

Italians are intellectually impotent and obsessed with churches, whorehouses and "images of the Virgin Mary".

Irish-Americans represent Catholic "ethnic piggishness" and are responsible for a "hideous mind-and-body-eroding orgy of fertility".

Tribal peoples, such as those in the Amazon, have a "likeness to a lower beast".

Native Americans: "Was it... correct for the American branch of European humanist culture to absorb the territories occupied by a miserable, relatively bestial culture of indigenous Americans? Absolutely."

The Bahai faith: "'Faith' is scarcely the proper term for the wicked cult".

The Jesuits: "The Society of Jesus has been predominately evil throughout its history".

Homosexuals: "Those who lynch homosexuals will be remembered as the only force which acted to save the human species from extinction". LaRouche believes that child molesters, Satanists and communists control the gay rights movement and that wealthy Jews encourage homosexuality as a way of undermining western civilization.

In the 1970s, LaRouche skillfully developed a worldwide movement . to  advance   his   racist  agenda,  which  included,  as  part of  his campaign   for   legitimacy,   repeated   attempts   to   receive   the Democratic Party's nomination as US President. While engaged in intimidating and exposing the alleged crimes of prominent Jews, the focus of the movement remains the raising of millions of dollars by misrepresentation and deception, to fund not only LaRouche's presidential campaigns and the movement as a whole, but also his and his wife Helga's grandiose lifestyle.

This fundraising led to the conviction of LaRouche and six of his associates in December 1988 for conspiracy and mail fraud in the movement's   solicitation   of   $34   million   in   loans   since   1983. Predictably, LaRouche claimed that he was the victim of a plot by British intelligence. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but continued to direct his movement from behind bars before being paroled in January 1994. However, his time in prison only served to strengthen his racist and anti-democratic views and his movement is as active as ever.


LaRouche's racist ideology


LaRouche posits his own brand of anti-Semitic conspiracy, where the world is on the verge of a financial crisis engineered by the "Oligarchy", an alleged cabal of Jewish bankers and usurers, who try to subdue the world through the use of speculative capital. As London is the supposed home of the Oligarchy, LaRouche hates all things British. The City of London (where the Jewish financiers are allegedly based), Great Britain and the monarchy are euphemisms for the Oligarchy, with the Queen herself as supposedly the head of the    Oligarchy's    international    drug    cartel.'    The    LaRouchian conspiracy is promoted in Australia by the CEC, as discussed below.

The "Grand Design for Humanity" is LaRouche's vision for saving civilisation, which sees the creation of a dictatorship with LaRouche at the helm,  dedicated to the eradication  of all facets of the Oligarchy.   LaRouche   contends   that   popular  support   for  this dictatorship would only be forthcoming if he could prove that a major crisis is looming, which could be solved with the rise of a new charismatic and competent leader (i.e. LaRouche himself). The impending  crisis  idea,  as  utilised  by  LaRouche  propagandists, usually takes the form of debtor countries reneging on their loans to the  International Monetary Fund (a supposed Oligarchy front), thereby triggering a global depression. As Asian markets collapsed in   the   late   1990s,   LaRouche   operatives,   including   those   in Australia, cited this as a vindication of their leader's prophecies.

As the  supposed  progenitors of the  Oligarchy,  the Jews  are LaRouche's   primary  target.   Amongst   a   range   of   antisemitic canards, LaRouche has claimed that The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (the notorious Czarist forgery depicting a plot by


Jewry to take over the world) contains a "hard kernel of truth"." Engaging also in Holocaust-denial, LaRouche contends that the Nazis "only" killed about a million and a half Jews and "Adolf Hitler was put into power largely on the initiative of the Rothschilds, Warburgs and Oppenheimers, among other Jewish and non-Jewish financial interests centred in the City of London".*

However, as part of a broader package of racist hate, LaRouche vilifies not only Jews but also other groups (see box above).IV




In the 1980s, the Citizens Electoral Council, a putative grassroots organisation, was established in Queensland amid a background of rural economic hardship. However, by 1989 the CEC leadership had come under the influence of the US LaRouche cult, which had long targeted Australia as part of its efforts at creating an international movement. In 1992, the CEC moved from Queensland to the Melbourne suburb of Coburg to be closer to a large Jewish population, enabling its direct activism against the Oligarchy.V In 1993 and 1994, the national office had a full-time staff of between 15 and 20 workers. VI


The CEC is led by National Secretary Craig Isherwood, a 40-year old farmer from Queensland who is currently directing the movement's activities in Western Australia. One of the primary CEC activists in the Melbourne headquarters is National Executive member Robert Barwick, the Australian correspondent for LaRouche's American publications. The work of the CEC is closely supervised by US LaRouche official Alien Douglas who, in the mid-1980s, was politically active in New Zealand where his exploits led to the collapse of the New Zealand LaRouche movement and a threatened lawsuit has apparently prevented his return there. Douglas has been in effective control of the CEC since 1993, supervising a program of what former CEC staffer Donald Veitch terms "agitation and propaganda (agit-prop), and outreach provocations. VII


LaRouche's Australian targets

In accordance with LaRouche ideology, the CEC targets all those in Australia who are deemed to be the Oligarchy or its agents:


In accordance with LaRouche ideology, the CEC targets all those in Australia who are deemed to be the Oligarchy or its agents:


  1. Aborigines: The CEC's denial and denigration of Aboriginal history, culture, reconciliation, and land rights is outlined in its December 1997 publication, "Aboriginal 'land rights': Prince Philip's racist plot to splinter Australia".


The group describes Aboriginal culture as "brutal" and comparable to the "ritual torture and cannibalism of the Aztecs". Like most racist bodies, the CEC believes that the Aborigines were not Australia's original people, thereby undermining their political and socio-economic claims. In addition, Aboriginal land rights, were allegedly "cooked up by Prince Philip and his World Wide Fund for Nature... on behalf of the international financial oligarchy which he heads, in order to stop economic

Aboriginal "land rights":

Prince Philip's racist plot to splinter" Australiaaorigrts.gif

A publication of the Electoral Council of Australia      

Recommended Price  $5December1997seal.gif

development, to splinter nation-states, and to grab control of precious raw materials VIII Hence, "Anyone who still babbles about 'land rights' or '50,000 years of Dreamtime', is... a witting stooge of the Queen's minerals cartel, led by Rio Tinto", and the Mabo case was a "fraud", the result of "decades of scheming by anthropologists and communists in the service of British intelligence, who wanted to split apart our nation".IX

2. The Australian Government and other "Mont Pelerin front groups": The Mont

Pelerin Society is supposedly a covert subvertive group founded in 1947 in a chalet on the slopes of Mt Pelerin in Switzerland by some of the leading families of the European Oligarchy. Desiring free trade and the elimination of the nation state, the Society purportedly moved from Switzerland to London from where it has become "the chief economic warfare unit of the British Crown".


The CEC claims that the Federal Government and the Kennett Government in Victoria are really Mont Pelerin's Australian "front groups", as are several thinktanks and NGOs, including the Institute for Public Affairs, the Tasman Institute and Centre for Independent Studies. Prominent Australians purportedly associated with the Mont Pelerin Society include Peter Costello, Dame Leonie Kramer, Paddy McGuiness, John Hyde, Hugh Morgan, and Kevan Gosper (see chart on page 8).x Thus, rather than acting in the interests of Australia, the policies of Government and NGOs are allegedly in accordance with the dictates of the Mont Pelerin Society and the British Crown.


3. Environmentalists: The CEC believes that the Oligarchy, particularly Prince Philip and his World Wide Fund for Nature, is manipulating the environmental lobby in Australia and abroad, as a way of obtaining raw materials for the Oligarchy's mining interests, especially the mining company Rio Tinto, which is allegedly controlled by the Queen. It is supposedly for this reason that Prince Philip established the Australian Conservation Foundation in 1963, which allegedly remains under the control of the Queen's Rio Tinto, which also finances other environmental bodies such as Earthwatch, the Australian Heritage Commission, and Greening Australia, as a way of controlling mineral resources (see chart on page 8).XI


4. Australian Jewry: In the tradition of LaRouche, the CEC seeks to demonise specific well-known Jews, hoping that all Jews will thereby be portrayed in a negative light. A favourite CEC target is the prominent Jewish Leibler family in Melbourne, who supposedly issued the orders for the Waco siege.x"


In order to find "proof" of the Oligarchy's activities, the CEC has systematically monitored and spied on Australian Jewish leaders. Operatives are known to have used sophisticated surveillance equipment and to have attended Jewish community meetings disguised as students. The CEC files reports with LaRouche headquarters in the US and the information gathered is used by the group to defame their targets, particularly in their publications, such as The New Citizen. Non-Jewish organisations have also been targeted in this way, including attempts by the CEC to spy on left-wing organisations and human rights bodies.


CEC activities Australia-wide


1.   Building a mass movement


The CEC has actively set about winning the support of the public. Through a recruitment drive known as "Force 100", the CEC has set up stalls nationwide to sell LaRouche literature and CEC memberships. Like the US LaRouche movement, the CEC attempts to recruit members of the public by purporting to address seemingly legitimate economic and political concerns, but does so in a racist conspiratorial light. Former CEC staffer Don Veitch has stated: "People are attracted to the CEC-LaRouche organisation through an initial 'soft' approach: the ideas of the Golden Renaissance, music, geometry, dirigist economics, 'saving Australia1 and the like”. xiii

Entering the cult


"They inquired into my relationship with my mother. That was pretty much standard procedure. It was an interrogation. The whole aim was to create a new person, making your past totally irrelevant and giving you a new personality. No matter what you said it was your mother's fault. It was pretty hideous stuff. Many people broke down and cried."


- Alex Rotaru, a former CEC intelligence officer, on the cult's indocrination procedure.

"They would tell you there was something wrong with your mind if you are not pulling huge dollars in."


- Julie Warner, who blamed CEC brainwashing for bringing her close to suicide.

"They are a horrible bunch of people. When 1 first flew to Melbourne, 1 could only talk to her sitting on the fence outside (the CEC office)."


- Queensland farmer Joe Vella who was prevented from seeing his wife after she joined the CEC.

From Martin Daly's report, "Families fight back", The Age, 30 January 1996.

Each new recruit is forced to undergo "deprogramming sessions" to attain mindless conformity to the cause. Former CEC staffer Donald Veitch  has  categorically  stated:   "The  mind  control   operations commenced by LaRouche in the USA in the mid-1970s are still being practised today within his movement in Australia". xiv

The LaRouchian cult-style ego-stripping mind-control techniques involve recruits being probed for sexual peccadilloes, especially their sexual relationship with their mother.™ The "Witch Mother" or her surrogate is blamed for a recruit's neuroses and is hunted down for exorcism: by a recruit denouncing the "Witch Mother", recruiting his wife to the cause, or leaving his wife and family, he will be declared "unblocked", "potent" and a "beautiful" person. XVI There have been several documented cases of recruits severing ties with their families as a result of the ego-stripping sessions. xv" National Secretary Craig Isherwood also apparently uses the techniques to unmask "threats" from within the CEC and then devises strategies to counter them, thereby promoting himself as the organisation's "dragon slayer".xviii


2.   Raising funds for LaRouche


Despite LaRouche's imprisonment for fraud and tax evasion, his movement continues to  raise  millions  of dollars worldwide by misrepresentation and deception. CEC staffers are exploited by the cult, often working in a "boiler room" atmosphere to solicit funds over the phone. The financially and educationally disempowered and weak are targeted in the belief that the potential combination of fragility, loneliness and a final search for meaning make them susceptible to exploitation. Donors are assured that it is of no consequence if one's credit card is overdrawn, because the entire financial system is about to collapse anyway and the debts won't need to be repaid.

During the 1990s, the CEC netted about $3 million in Australia, more than the National Party and the Democrats. In its annual return to the Australian Electoral Commission in February 1999, the CEC says that it secured donations of more than $1 million. xix

Alien Douglas has control over the disposal of all funds raised in Australia, which are spent on:

i. Trips to the Leesburg headquarters for re-education and training for   Australian   cadres   and   potential    recruits.    (LaRouche headquarters in Leesburg apparently considers Australia as an offal from the British Empire and its inhabitants "head cases". Therefore,  CEC cadres are frequently flown to the  US for   . extensive psychoanalysis and training. )xx

ii.  International conference calls to maintain immediate and direct American control over the Australian operations,

iii.  LaRouche's public relations efforts.xxi


3. Targeting politicians

The CEO has inundated politicians with its lobbying documents, especially, “Sovereign Australia II: the legislative program to save our nation”. Former Federal Liberal MP Ken Aldred came under the sway of CEO propaganda, promoting several CEO conspiracies in parliament, such as his claim in 1995 that Michael Costello, the then head of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, had colluded with Jewish leaders to courier drug money to Australia (see below). In early 1999, forged correspondence was circulated by Aldred alleging that three Australian prime ministers were involved in a conspiracy to betray Australia to lndonesia!xxii

topbeauro.gif CEC activists are also known to have posed as government officials to obtain interviews for their paper, The New Citizen, and CEC
“journalists” have been sent to pose provocative questions to politicians at press conferences and other meetings.

4. Overtures to trade unions

The CEC’s overtures towards trade unions are based on the notion that the industrial capitalists (i.e. labour leaders) need to become the junior partners in LaRouche’s vision for saving civilisation from the Oligarchy, the “Grand Design for Humanity”. The CEO seeks to make converts among unionists by pretending to be interested in trade union concerns, which are of course explained within a LaRouchian framework, and the OEC has proudly proclaimed that all the unionists’ troubles stem from the Oligarchy’s Mont Pelerin Society and the mining
company Rio Tinto, who are “leading the charge to crush the unions in this country”.xxiii


Periods of industrial strife are particularly ripe times for the CEO to
target unionists. For example, during the waterfront dispute in 1998,
the CEC set up stalls and distributed its literature on the Melbourne
docks. Entitled, “Australian Dossier War on the Docks”, the material
claimed that the dispute was part of an international conspiracy.

In early 2000, the CEO joined forces with the Municipal Employees
Union of Western Australia, a maverick union of blue-collar workers,
to form the “Ourtin Labor Alliance” political party. It is likely that most
members of the Municipal Employees Union are unaware of the
OEC’s racist conspiratorial underpinnings, for the Party platform
addresses seemingly legitimate economic and labour issues,

including a call for a “New Bretton Woods” (a LaRouchian concept). At the launch of the Alliance in Perth in April 2000, the guest speakers were Jeffrey and Michele Steinberg from the US, who are senior aides to Lyndon LaRouche. Jeffrey is also the director of
counterintelligence for LaRouche’s American operation. National Secretary Craig Isherwood and Labour Co-ordinator Andrew Fox both maintain a presence in Perth and are co-ordinating the CEO’s targeting of trade unions in the state.

In 1993, Peter Holding, an official of the Australasian Meat Industry Employees’ Union in Melbourne, addressed a meeting of the Trades Hall Council in Melbourne, and warned of the fascist ideology of the LaRouche movement and its backing of the CEO, which he described as“a dangerous and very well resourced movement”. He called for “uncompromising solidarity with the civil rights of those whom these right-wing groups seek to scapegoat, the Jewish community, the environmental movement, women and the homosexual community”. Indeed, trade unions


should be wary of any overtures by the CEO, whose deceptive labour-orientated agenda is a cover for an avowedly racist ideology.

Like all racist groups in Australia, the OEC champions the dismemberment of our multi-ethnic
society. For this reason alone, the group should be condemned by all who advocate a tolerant
and diverse Australia. However, unlike most other racist groups in this country, the CEO is a
national, cohesive operation with significant funding and outreach capabilities. With the
backing of the LaRouche movement in the US, and its notorious strategies of cult control and
exploitation, the CEO has been able to manipulate Australia’s political processes, and play on
legitimate economic discontent to garner support amongst trade unionists and the public.
The CEO is never likely to have a significant electoral impact, though the group measures its
political success not by the number of candidates elected, but rather by the amount of
campaign contributions obtained from gullible members of the public. The CEO also uses the
political processes as a way of reaching out to trade unionists, as evidenced by the “Curtin
Labor Alliance”, the party established in 2000 by the CEO and the Municipal Employees Union
of Western Australia.
Perhaps it is the economic ploy utilised by the cult which constitutes the greatest threat. The
economic statements and predictions of LaRouche are selectively quoted by the CEC when
targeting politicians, trade unionists or the public. The CEO claims it has had some success at
signing up new members and distributing its publications as part of its “Force 100” project,
which seeks to build a mass movement. Members of the public who are confronted by CEO
activists are not told of the group’s racist underpinnings, but are instead asked, “Do you care
about the economy?”, and are given a lesson on how LaRouchian economics can save the
This deceptive approach makes it all the more necessary for the wider community to be
cognisant of the racist, antisemitic, and anti-democratic agenda behind the CEO.
Copyright© February 2001, B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission Inc.
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Chart of the various Australian “front groups” and prominent Australians purportedly associated with the
conspiratorial Mont Pelerin Society. From the CEC booklet, Australia’s health care ‘reforms~A Nuremberg crime
against humanity, February 1998.


Chart depicting the alleged control that mining company Rio Tinto and the Queen exert over various environmental
and Aboriginal bodies. From the CEC booklet, Stop the British Crown plot to crush Australia’s unions, June 1998.

The flow chart above is by no means complete. Rio Tinto's power is much more comprehensive, in fact so much so that warrants a Royal Commission Investigation
into its overt and covert control over Australia.



Appendix E