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I . Introduction......................................




II. Lyndon H. LaRouche. Jr.: A Brief Background .......




III . LaRouche and Anti-Semitism.......................




IV. LaRouche: The Canadian Connection




1. 1970s: The North American Labor Party ..........




2. 1982: Montreal Becomes Organisation's Canadian Headquarters .................................




3. 1933: The Party for the Commonwealth of Canada ie Formed .......................................




4 . Outdoor Booths a Popular Tactic ................




5. The Schiller Institute: Another LaRouche Front .




6. 1985: B'nai Brith Becomes a Target in Montreal .




7A . LaRouche and the Media ........................




7B . Coverage in Canada ............................




8. 1985: Group Gains Access to Canadian Airports ..




9. Allegations of Fraud; Non- Repayment of Loans ,.




V. Conclusion: The Illinois Experience - Lessons to Be Learned ................................................




Footnotes ..............................................








Appendix A: The Views of LaRouche and His Followers ....




Appendix B : Selected Documents .........................




Appendix C : The LaRouche Network .......................






I . Introduction


After the surprising upset victory of two followers of the right-wing extremist Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. in last year's Illinois Democratic primary, American political commentators were forced to inform themselves about his views.


However, while the activities of the LaRouche organization have now been publicized in the U.S., little light has been shed on the activities of his followers in Canada. This despite the fact that LaRouche's followers here have been active in the last several years, running in federal, provincial and municipal elections, maintaining booths on downtown streets and in airports, etc.


This report provides background information about Lyndon LaRouche and the activities of the LaRouche organization in Canada. It is presented in the belief that an informed public is essential to the functioning of a free society.




II. Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.: A Brief Background


Born in 1922, the grandson of a French-Canadian immigrant to New Hampshire, LaRouche has worked as a systems designer, computer programmer, Marxist teacher and theoretician, and management consultant.


LaRouche -first appeared on the political scene in 1948. Using the pseudonym Lyn Marcus (a play on words based on Marx and Lenin) , LaRouche joined the Socialist Workers Party, of the United States a Trotskyist group.


In the late 1960s, LaRouche became a member of Students for a Democratic Society (SD*S). After the SDS broke up into several splinter groups^ he formed the National Caucus for Labor Committees, which by 1971 began to spread outside the U.S. He later founded the still-existing National Democratic Policy Committee.


LaRouche began to speak openly of global conspiracies in 1973, At this time, LaRouche, who had traded his extreme left-wing views for conspiratorial views, tried to convince some party members that they'd been brainwashed by the Soviet secret police: "Any of you who say this is a hoax, you're cruds. . .You're subhuman. You're not serious. The human race is at stake. Either we win or there is no humanity." The Washington Post quoted him as saying. (1)


In 1974, the group went onto a kind of war footing, with supporters quitting jobs and cutting family ties. "The authoritarian atmosphere established then continues, fed by fear of imminent attack by evil outsiders," The Washington Post reported in an article last April. (2)


Former members say LaRouche has learned the easiest way to control his followers is to keep them in a state of hysteria so that they don't think for themselves — thus there is constant talk of conspiracies against- LaRouche 's life. "It's a seven-day-a-week , 24-hour-a-day -total immersion," said one former member. "People wouldn't have any private lives anymore.. .Everyone's got to march to the same tune." (3)


In 1973 and 1974, in an operation called "Operation Mop-Up," violence and intimidation tactics were used by LaRouche followers against far-left groups such as the Communist Party and the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party.


By the mid-1970s the anti-Semitic views of the organization began to crystallize and contact was made with people like Roy Frankhouser of the Pennsylvania Ku Klux Klan and Willis Carto of the Liberty Lobby — a Washington, D.C. -based group. Carto is considered one of the most




influential anti-Semites in the United States (4), and Liberty Lobby publishes Spotlight, which often makes claims that the Holocaust never occurred.


In 1976, LaRouche ran for the first time in a presidential election, picking up 40.000 votes. In 1980, LaRouche followers entered the Democratic Party en masse and LaRouche ran in the Democratic Party primary in New Hampshire. By the time of the Democratic National Convention, LaRouche had spent over $1 million in TV speeches, cross-country tours and media and billboard ads in the 14 primary states he ran in.



His security staff began to carry, guns during the New Hampshire primary, after he was denied Secret Service protection. When citizens and local officials objected to the guns, LaRouche charged them with being linked to a government-sponsored plot to assassinate him. (5) Members of his New Hampshire campaign team impersonated newspaper reporters, attempting to extract information from people suspected of complicity in alleged plots against LaRouche *s life. (6)


LaRouche gained an estimated total primary vote of 170,000, outpolling former California Governor Jerry Brown by over 1,000 votes in Connecticut. LaRouche received $1.1 million in contributions from 10,063 individual contributions.


In 1984, as an Independent presidential candidate and on the ballot in 19 states, LaRouche gained 78,773 votes. Some 2,000 of LaRouche 's National Democratic Policy Committee candidates ran in 30 states, with some making impressive showings. For example, in California a candidate in the 45th C.D. received 49 per cent of the vote in a two way race. The NDPC claimed to have captured over 200 Democratic county committee seats in California Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts and other states. {7) During the campaign, LaRouche purchased 14 half -hour spots on national television networks.


By 1984, LaRouche's funding in the U.S. had grown to $6.1 million, compared to only $176,000 in 1976. He now heads a worldwide political organization and a mix of business and political enterprises and has already announced he will run again in the 1988 presidential election.


LaRouche, who lives in a heavily guarded 174 acre estate in Leesburg, Va.. has said that he and his wife are the targets of assassins, presumably hired by those he considers his enemies: Henry Kissinger, Averell Harriman, the Soviet Union, certain powerful bankers, drug traffickers, socialists and Nazis, among others.




Bodyguards, trained in "counter-terror force" at a school for mercenaries in Powder Springs, Ga. , carry semi-automatic weapons near his mansion . (8)


In a controversy touched off by the fact many of his security guards carry concealed weapons, LaRouche replied in a leaflet:


"I have a major personal security problem so that... the instant my enemies know that I have been stripped of security. . .the assassination-teams of professional mercenaries now being trained in Canada and along the Mexican border may be expected to start arriving on the streets of Leesburg. ..If they come, there will be many people dead or mutilated within as short an interval as sixty seconds of fire." (9)


Supporters have bought real estate in Leesburg, have Joined the Chamber of Commerce and have started a local newspaper.


LaRouche's beliefs include the following:


- that there are numerous mysterious world conspiracies involving Queen Elizabeth II, Henry Kissinger, Soviet leaders, B'nai Brith, the International Monetary Fund, the Ford Foundation, the Trilateral Commission, Swiss banks, the Rockefellers, prominent Jewish families, Israeli intelligence, Walter Mondale, peace groups, environmental organizations, and several other individuals, races, religions, groups, and countries.


- Third World countries must be industrialized, the Strategic Defense Initiative (or Star Ware) must be developed quickly and the global economy needs a complete overhaul .


- People throughout the world must receive a proper education in Western religion, culture and language. Plato, Schiller and de Gaulle are to be respected, while Einstein and Sartre are to be vilified.




III. LaRouche and Anti-Semitism


LaRouche believes in Holocaust denial. On December 3, 1978. he wrote in his publication New Solidarity that the Nazi Holocaust in which six million Jews were killed was "a commonplace delusion of the American Zionist or Zionist fellow traveler." He also wrote, in the same issue, of "the mythical six million Jewish victims of the Nazi holocaust."


According to LaRouche, only 1.5 million Jews died during the Second World War, not because the Nazis wanted to eliminate them, but rather "as a Result of the Nazi policy of labor-intensive appropriate technology for the employment of inferior races."     )


LaRouche has also stated that the infamous anti-Semitic hate tract. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion . has a "hard kernel of truth". He now says that not all Jews are members of the so-called international Jewish conspiracy, but only certain prominent Zionists.


However, his views about Israel itself -are certainly not disguised, as the article "Israel Got H-Bomb From Wall Street Zionists — USLP Readies Dossier", from New Solidarity. November 17. 1978. pointed out:


"Both superpower governments should make terrifyingly clear — and if the American government does not, the Soviets should do so unilaterally — that if Israel explodes a nuclear weapon of any sort in the Mideast or anywhere else, it will immediately be annihilated by nuclear counterattack of the superpowers."


Direct anti-Semitic references are now usually removed from literature available to the public. Instead, the LaRouche group often disguises its anti-Semitism by hiding behind such code words as "British" and "feudal oligarchy" . There are constant references to an international British-Soviet conspiracy. This international "British" conspiracy is said to have a grip on the United States.


LaRouche now denies accusations of anti-Semitism saying instead that he is anti -Zionist. However, LaRouche and his followers have made flagrantly racist remarks about virtually all ethnic groups and religions. "We do not regard all cultures and nations as equally deserving of survival," LaRouche has stated. Some examples:


- Catholics: "(Christian doctrine's) second opponent, the identity of the ordinary Satan, is the Virgin Mary, the Arch-Witch the dark power over the infantile ego."




- Native Americans: " … a miserable relatively bestial culture . . "


- Homosexuals: "a "well-connected network of pederastic Satanists. . ."


- Black, Italian, Spanish mothers: "Only Black mothers tend to be as effectively sadistic to their male children as Italian or Spanish mothers..."


- Chinese: "...lower forms of animal life..."


(See Appendix A for more example's)




IV. LaRouche: The Canadian Connection


1. 1970s: The North American Labor Party


The LaRouche organization first became active in Montreal in the 1970s. Known then as the North American Labor Party, the newspapers it distributed carried left-wing views.


Little else is known about the organization in those days, except for one incident during the founding conference of the Cult Information Centre (now known as the Cult Project) held in 1978 at Vanier College in Montreal. Members of the organization accused the centre's founder of being part of a world conspiracy comprised of "certain Jewish groups" who "created those artificial religions."


In 1977, Universite' de Montreal professor Pierre Beaudry, who taught comparative literature and French literature, became interested in the LaRouche organization. Beaudry gave courses on LaRouche, organized conferences and attempted to convince his confreres of the merits of LaRouche 's views .


The professor managed to attract several students who began to sell the organization's publications door-to-door throughout the city. He later formed the Coalition Québécois/e centre les stupefiants (CQCS) , based on LaRouche 's National Anti-Drug Coalition in the U.S. Beaudry then gained the support of Maurice Dumas, of the Federation des pompiers professionels du Quebec, a union representing Quebec firefighters . The union gave Beaudry monetary support to fight against glue-sniffing among youth. Money was spent for stickers with anti-drug messages, which were placed on grocery store windows.


In the Journal de Montreal. May 28 and 29. 1390 editions, a Jean-Marc Brunet of the Le Naturiste stores, wrote articles extolling the virtues of the work done by Beaudry and LaRouche against drug use. He also heaped praise on Dope Inc. -Britain's Opium War Against the U.S.. a LaRouche publication that purports to uncover an international drug conspiracy.


Followers of LaRouche believe that world drug sales are controlled by the British Royal Family, with the help of such families as the Bronfmans, and that Canada, serves as a warehouse for American drug sales. LaRouche followers also believe there should be "Nuremberg-style" trials for drug traffickers.


The LaRouche organization often attempts to adopt




respectable causes, as a way of spreading its views. Not surprisingly, therefore, the coalition ended up fighting more to promote the ideology of LaRouche than it did to fight drug use.


In 1981, Beaudry quit his teaching job at the university, and the anti-drug coalition disbanded soon after. Ex-colleagues of Beaudry believe he later went to work in LaRouche *s New York office.


In the late 1970s, the North American Labor Party (NALP) was also active in Ontario and British Columbia, In the 1977 Ontario provincial election- NALP candidates ran in six ridings. (10) In a 1979 story, Maclean's magazine wrote: "In British Columbia, where the Vancouver operation is the most active in the country, the North American Labor Party has been ecstatic over the province's compulsory heroin treatment program and is ever hopeful of a triumphant alliance with a group of Social Credit MLAs." (11) Also that year, a LaRouche follower was a candidate for the Social Credit party in the federal election. And in Toronto, NALP leader Richard Sanders ran in three municipal elections.




2. 1982: Montreal Becomes Organization's Canadian Headquarters


Since 1982, Montreal has become the unofficial headquarters for the LaRouche organization in Canada. Montreal followers became registered as a non-profit organization under the name Le Comite pour la Republique du Can --.d."..


Canadian supporters of LaRouche claim that the Bronfman family, Pierre Juneau, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and B'nai Brith, among others, are part of the imagined world conspiracy.


In 1932, translator Gilles Gervais garnered the necessary 250 signatures, put up $300 and ran for mayor as one of three- independent candidates in the 1932 Montreal municipal election. Ignoring local issues, Gervais advocated making Canada into a republic and reorganizing the entire Canadian banking system. Montreal, he argued, should become a centre for nuclear research with nuclear plants mars-produced on the St. Lawrence Seaway and shipped to Third World countries via the city's port. (12) "There's not going to be any municipal issues," Gervais told Montreal's The Gazette during the campaign.


"If you tell people about improving garbage services or when they're going to get flowerboxes, forget it. It's bullshit. People should be more promethean and be able to It's at the whole world. This is the worst depression since the Dark Ages. There is nothing that will be done in Montreal without first changing the world."


Gervais picked up 1,397 votes, only 0.4 per cent of the total, finishing fourth overall, but tops among the independent candidates.


A few months after the municipal election, Christiane Deland-Gervais and Nancy Haight, who helped Gervais get the 250 signatures, ran in school board elections for the Montreal Catholic School Commission and the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal. Though neither came close to winning, they made their views known by distributing pamphlets with the headline "Vote for Rabelais, Beethoven and Shakespeare." The pamphlets had a strange conclusion telling parents: "Hey mom, don't wait for Johnny to interrupt your soap opera to tell you he's in the middle of a sex-change operation."




In 1983, when U.S. President Ronald Reagan began to promote his Star Wars initiative, the LaRouche organization mobilized to express its support by holding a conference at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa attended by about 60 people, Including members of the Defense and External Affairs Departments. The organization is said to have attempted, without success, to gain support from within the Department of National Defense. During the summer of 1985, a Department official told a Bnai Brith researcher that, since the 1983 conference, the government has had no further contact with the group.


This compares favorably to the more opportunistic attitude of the American government, Speaking about LaRouche followers in 1984, Kathy Pherson, a Central Intelligence Agency spokeswoman, said: "We have an obligation to talk to U.S. citizens who travel abroad and who believe they have information of national security value to offer." (13)




3. 19B3: The Party for the Commonwealth of Canada is Formed


In October 1933, the Party for the Commonwealth of Canada (PCC) was formed with Gervais acting as secretary general and spokesman. At the inaugural press conference of the PCC, The Globe and Mail reported that only one reporter and a cameraman from CBC showed up.


The PCC has its own draft constitution written by LaRouche. This draft, a selling tool for LaRouche which masks his true intentions, would replace Canada s constitution. In the- preface to the draft constitution, Gervais wrote that "a military junta installed in Moscow is poised for a global showdown forshadowing (sic) a war that would leave the United States and Canada a desolate wasteland of nuclear rubble." (14)


The party advocates the development of particle-beam weapons, a w:-.r against drugs, "safeguarding Western civilization," and a massive water diversion project called NAWAPA (North-American Water and Power Alliance Project)," which would turn around rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean, sending the water back through canals to the Prairies, the United States and Mexico. (15) The party also believes the Soviet Union is using the peace movement to undermine the Western Alliance and that the drug trade is Communist-backed .


In supporting the Strategic Defense Initiative of President Reagan, Gervais wrote that:


"such a strategy, while guaranteeing the continued survival of the human race , would generate the scientific and technological progress necessary to lift our nation out of economic depression, to cut the bonds of indebtedness and free the Third World from IMF genocide; in short, to provide the foundation for a flourishing cultural and technological renaissance worldwide." (16)


Gervais quoted LaRouche as saying that: "The people of Canada are among those portions of mankind relatively more advantaged to set the kind of example which this imperiled mankind of today most sorely requires." (17)


The draft constitution clearly supports an overthrow of the present system of government in Canada, to be replaced by a government led by LaRouche followers. As the following extract from the draft of the constitution shows, the new government would not be a democratic one:




"...It is in relatively rare intervals of the life of a people that the majority of that people are enabled to rally themselves to establish an improved order of lawful self-government. . .Pettier passions predominate in the majority of the electorate, passions which would erode and perhaps destroy the nation unless an efficient ordering of institutions under constitutional law held the dangerous   t potentialities of such pettier passions in check." (18)


LaRouche's feelings about democracy are further revealed in his essay on Creating a Republican Labor Party, published in June 1979:


"Democracy is like a farm without a farmer, in which the chickens, sheep, cows, horses and pigs form 'constituencies.' Each constituency is but a collection of beasts, .each with special 'self interests" defined as animals might define self interests.


The human species is not a collection of chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and so forth. Therefore, 'pluralism* and other British notions of 'democracy' are fit only for British aristocrats, not for self-respecting human beings..."


Given the many ways English and French are spoken in Canada, there is reason to be concerned about the following comment from the draft constitution:


"A people speaking one of a collection of relatively brutish local dialects or argots is a brutalized people, morally incapable of self-government. . .Where two languages exist as they do in Canada, the differences arising from language must be bridged by a powerful unity in conscious perception of shared moral principles, and in which -each of the languages is raised to the highest degree of literacy of which it is capable." (19)





Another revealing extract from the Draft Constitution of the Commonwealth of Canada says:


"Applicants for the federal civil service should be: Fully literate in English grammar, poetry and-leading sixteenth through early nineteenth century prose classics. Literate command in speaking and writing of a vocabulary of between 50,000 and 100,000 words of vocabulary in either English or French.               '»• Literate in either at least one classical language (classical Greek or Latin) and at least one modern language other than either English or French. Literate in principles of composition of both classical poetry and classical music, as a part of literacy in language in the proper and fuller sense of that. Literate in geometry and basic physics into the elementary calculus. Literate in the history and geography of: Canada, the Western Hemisphere as a whole, Europe, and ancient and medieval history from approximately the time of Solon." (20)


In 1984, the Party of the Commonwealth of Canada fielded 65 candidates, with 47 in Quebec, 16 in Ontario, and one each in Saskatchewan -and British Columbia. The candidates received an average vote of one per cent, and the party spent an estimated $25,000 on the election. Only four candidates admitted to having paid election expenses out of their own pockets, and these expenses did not surpass $102. "I'm on welfare; no money for unnecessary things," one candidate said.


As a general rule, PCC candidates refused to attend all-candidate meetings, where their views could have been exposed, and also refused to answer the questions of journalists. (21) On August 15, 1984, the party held a sparsely attended press conference at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal with Gervais and Joseph Cohen, from Wiesbaden, West Germany representing the PCC. Cohen was identified as working for an intelligence service, probably LaRouche's.


Gervais said during the press conference:




"...This new party is now proposing... a new Constitution to transform this country into a Republic. Something the British and the Bnai Brith fear very much. I am involved with 65 people... to insure a future to your kids in a new posterity.

. . . (in) issues which are fundamental for the survival of the human race and of western civilization, and the other parties address stupidities. I lead 65 people across Canada to save this nation, to make lib eventually a Republic where people can stand with their heads held high." (22)


As in the 1982 Montreal municipal election, when Gervais ran for mayor, he repeated that local issues are unimportant in a federal election.


"It's like the month before the outbreak of World War I. Why should I go around and promise a local program for the people of, let's say. Cote des Neiges? I would be lying to them, I would be saying 'here's some peanuts.'" The whole thing is going to explode, the danger of a nuclear holocaust is on our step. We are the catalyzers. I am not too concerned about local issues. ...Yes, we need a good, expensive arms-race."


Asked for his views on anti-Semitism, Gervais said: "To call us anti-Semitic is basically, indirectly, to support the moves and the attempts of the Soviet Union for the invasion of Germany at this point." On Zionism, he said: "I have no profound views on Zionism. I am running o: a policy to save Europe. I am running on a policy to get this place a Republic." Asked how many followers the party has in Canada, Gervais answered "we have a few thousand." (23)


In the fall 1985 provincial election in Quebec, LaRouche supporters fielded 26 candidates in the PCC. The party stands for the "respect of the inalienable rights of man," Gervais, a candidate, told the Montreal Gazette on Oct. 26, 1985.


Last August, engineer Bill Bohdan, 39, announced his candidacy for mayor of Calgary in the October election.




under the banner of the LaRouche-founded Schiller Institute.


Bohdan, who admitted the group is anti-Zionist, but not necessarily anti-Jewish, said there are four main planks in the group's platform: the death penalty "for all bankers involved in laundering the proceeds of illegal drugs," a "war on AIDS," a push to end the atomic threat and Soviet world domination and a reversal of the International Monetary Fund's policies. (24)


"There's a chance of slipping into a new dark age, a one-world government," he told a reporter during the campaign. (25)




4. Outdoor Booths a Popular Tactic


The LaRouche group publishes the twice-weekly newspaper New Solidarity and several other publications including the Executive Intelligence Review, sold in booths set up on street corners and in subway stations. "Beam the Bomb," "Feed Jane Fonda to the Whales" (26) and "Just who is killing the children of Sudan?" are some of the slogans used on their eye-catching posters.


In booths on main shopping streets, such as St. Catherine St. in Montreal, or outside suburban post offices, the group calls for mandatory testing for AIDS. The acquired immune deficiency syndrome is not spread by risk groups, but by "unnatural banking practices," LaRouche followers believe. People who express any interest in the material at the street-corner booths are coaxed into attending the organization's meetings.


A person who claims interest in finding out more about the group is immediately confronted with a subscription pitch for New Solidarity and other publications, and a polite request for his or her phone number. "Are you on our side," is a typical question asked to bystanders who show even the slightest interest in the contents of LaRouche booths. On the other hand, anyone visiting a booth who sterns even slightly critical, is quickly dismissed. The organization does not want to get too much attention from the wrong people.


Journalist Richard Flint, who attended a LaRouche meeting in an east-end Montreal home in 1984, encountered a large map of the world with red lines drawn over it, indicating the actions of Dope Inc., the international drug smuggling trade they claim is coordinated by the Soviets and "British." Flint reported that potential recruits are asked to show up well before the meeting begins, so that they can be made to feel more comfortable. Before being confronted with the group's plethora of conspiracy theories, potential recruits are soothed with the understanding words that what they're about to hear "may sound a little weird."


During that meeting, Flint reported that a LaRouche member read from a prepared text, telling potential recruits that Israel, Syria, Britain and the Soviet Union. are all in the same camp; that about 25 LaRouche followers have been elected in the U.S. to school boards and similar organizations, and; that Dope Inc., an international drug smuggling conspiracy, is run in Canada by the Bronfman family. (27)




5. The Schiller Institute: Another LaRouche Front


Posing under the name of the Schiller Institute, founded in 1984 by LaRouche's German-born wife Helga-Zepp LaRouche and headed in Montreal by Gervais, this LaRouche organization has held recruitment meetings at such places as the downtown Montreal Young Men's Christian Association, the former Mount Royal Hotel, in a Lafontaine Park pavilion, the Quality Inn and at various restaurants. With speakers brought in from the U.S., the Schiller Institute has been trying to recruit students from Montreal's four universities.                 


  In one meeting at the downtown Montreal YMCA, people attending ware met by two young violinists playing a classical duet. When the two finished playing, a woman from New York told people in the room: "This is what we're fighting for - high culture." (28) A map of Africa was displayed, showing railways which only go into the continent as far as diamond mines. "This is so the oligopolists can make a profit," the woman said. People were told that many Africans are starving because of the International Monetary Fund, Henry Kissinger and Cecil Rhodes.


Guest speakers brought in from the U.S. are a staple at the Canadian meetings of the Schiller Institute as are video-tapes about Schiller and his works, presented in German.


At Concordia University, the Institute came close to getting accreditation as a student club, until a student complained to the student government that the group was anti-Semitic. At McGill University, the Schiller Institute has been known to approach both students and professors, but has had no success in setting up meetings. When the Schiller Institute does attract university students who attend more than one meeting, they're asked to give up their scholastic careers and work full-time for the organization. (29)


Farmers in financial crisis are another group targeted as potential recruits by the LaRouche organization. In a special report about the growth of the far right among farmers, Terry Pugh, editor of the National Farmers Union's (NFU) monthly newspaper, wrote:


"Of all the far-right organ­izations, LaRouche's has been involved in attempts to win recruits from the farm sector the longest, has the greatest amount of money to back up




these efforts, and is the most well-oiled and efficient political machine. LaRouche also has the most intricate and sophisticated (not to mention the most confusing) conspiracy theory of any of the radical right organizations." (30)


LaRouche is said to have formed the Consolidated Agricultural Movement Incorporated, aimed at Canadian farmers, which initially appeared in February, 1985 in Saskatoon. Early last year, meetings | in rural Saskatchewan drew about 120 farmers to hear Lawrence Freeman, a U.S. organizer for LaRouche. (31) He is also Bald to have recruited right-wing elements within the Canadian Agriculture Movement and to have gained the sympathy of some farm leaders.


NFU board member Jim Phelps said last fall that the West may provide fertile territory for the LaRouche organization, arid gave the example of a LaRouche follower who appeared at a meeting in Prince Albert and read verbatim from LaRouche literature. "He came across as a well-spoken individual. . .The farmers were eating it up." (32) '


LaRouche, who claims to be the mastermind behind the Star Wars program, promotes that system and a shift to a "war economy" as the cure for the farm crisis. (33)




6. 1995: B'nai Brith Becomes a Target in Montreal


After monitoring the activities of LaRouche's Canadian followers, the Montreal offices of B'nai Brith .Canada became a target for the group. In April 1985, LaRouche follower Gilles Gervais, accompanied by another unidentified individual, dumped three pounds of raw liver in the Montreal office of B'nai Brith Canada, and shouted, "Here is your pound of flesh." Gervais and the other man, who was carrying a camera, quickly fled from the scene.


B'nai Brith, especially in the U.S., is seen by LaRouche's adherents as a mortal enemy, of LaRouche and is considered the cause of numerous conspiracies. One need only read some of the titles of his publications: "Hitler, Dulles and the B'nai Brith" (Special Supplement, New Solidarity. March 30. 1984), "Documentary to reveal collaboration between Bnai Brith and Nazis," (April 8, 1984. The LaRouche Campaign).' "The Anti-Defamation League: An Organized Crime Apparatus." (Investigative Leads. March 25, 1983), "The Anti-Defamation League: Britain's Zionist Gestapo," (by Scott Thompson, New Solidarity, July 28, 1978).


LaRouche has considered B'nai Brith to be a political arm of high level drug traffickers, and has held the organization responsible for assassinations of U.S. presidents and for creating Sikh terrorism (see Appendix for more examples). The B'nai Brith's Anti-Defamation League in the U.S. (sometimes referred to by LaRouche followers as the "Anal Desecration League") has been sued unsuccessfully four times since 1980 by LaRouche organizations, (34) while B'nai Brith Canada has been threatened with lawsuits.


The liver-dumping incident was characteristic of the methods used by the LaRouche movement in Canada and the U.S.:


- An article in New Solidarity of April 29. 1985 reported that a representative of the Schiller Institute encountered Henry Kissinger at a board meeting in New York, and that when the woman was taken away by security guards a "bleeding pound of raw liver appeared on Kissinger's table representing the 'pound of flesh' demanded by the IMF (International Monetary Fund)." According to New Solidarity of May 3, 1985, the same thing happened to economist Milton Friedman.


- On May 7, 1935, Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland was giving a lecture on "Our Social Values Versus Our Economic Strategy" at North Shore Congregation Israel in Glencoe, Illinois, when his speech was interrupted by a




man and a woman who identified themselves as representatives of LaRouche's organization, the Schiller Institute.


The woman presented the archbishop with a foil-wrapped piece of raw liver, a so-called pound of flesh, to protest his alleged support of the International Monetary Fund. The two individuals wore removed from the hall and charged with disorderly conduct. (35) The woman was Janice Hart, the LaRouche follower who last year won the Democratic nomination for Illinois secretary of state. A warrant for her arrest was ordered in Chicago late last May after she failed to appear in court on the disorderly conduct charge brought against her. (36)        


On August 21, 1996, Hart was found guilty by a Skokie, Illinois Jury of disorderly conduct. She faced a fine of up to $500. (37) "Nobody wants to deprive them of their rights to make their statements in the proper political forum, but they can't go into a meeting and try to make a mockery of what is going on, and in so doing, disrupt the whole service," prosecutor Everette Hill said in closing arguments. (38)


Fights are also picked with innocents by people selling LaRouche materials. For example, an elderly B'nai Brith member was punched to the ground by a LaRouche follower in Seattle in 1979 after protesting the LaRouchians" anti-Zionist poster. (39)


In a 1984 press conference held by the Party for the Commonwealth of Canada in Montreal, CTV News reporter Alan Fryer asked Gervais: "What is the B'nai Brith a front for today?" Answered Gervais: "...It is probably doing a lot of its own dirty work. I would not call it a front." Gervais turned to his colleague Joseph Cohen and asked, "Would you?" Cohen answered: "They follow, basically, the orders of Henry Kissinger." (40)




7A. LaRouche and the Media


LaRouche and his followers make it a practice to deny much of what is said about then in the media. A notion of the response of LaRouche followers to what they perceive as negative coverage can be gleaned from the following incidents .


- Dennis King, a New York journalist who has written several articles about LaRouche. has said in court documents that his apartment building was posted with flyers saying he is a homosexual, and that he has received 500 abusive or hang-up calls at home.(41)


- In 1983. the newsmagazine U.S. News and World Report secured a federal court injunction against LaRouche s Campaigner Publications for impersonating a U.S. News reporter. (42)


- In May 1986, a LaRouche follower made his way into the country home of Katharine Graham, chairwoman of the Washington Post Co., and locked around the upstairs bathroom where her husband Philip's body was found after he committed suicide in 1963. (43)


- Jon Prestage, who was a reporter for the Manchester Union-Leader in 1980 in New Hampshire, recalled on NEC-TV's First Camera (March 14. 1984):


"He (Lyndon LaRouche) came into the paper with about 12 people: bodyguards, his wife and what not. And I believe they were carrying some guns and we had to make them leave their guns downstairs. During that interview, they told me that there were certain things I could not say in ray stories, and of course that piqued my curiosity. And he told me that he would make it very painful for me if I wrote certain things. And I asked him 'well, what do you mean by painful?' And he kind of chuckled with the rest of the people there and said 'we have ways of making it painful beyond lawsuits.' We had three cats, and, on successive days following the articles, the cats were found on my doorstep, dead."


Once articles are written and published, LaRouche 's groups often sue. However, to our knowledge, they have never won a lawsuit in North America. Here are some






In 1979, the LaRouche organization filed a $25 million suit against the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith, alleging that ADL had labelled the defendants as anti-Semitic, charging defamation, invasion of privacy and assault.


But in 1980, the Supreme Court of New York agreed with the ADL that the publications of LaRouche *s U.S. Labor Party could be qualified as anti-Semitic. (44) Judge Michael Dontzin of the New York Supreme Court ruled that: "Upon consideration of the voluminous] evidence presented to the court, it is clear that ADL's characterization of plaintiffs as anti-Semitic constitutes! fair comment. Plaintiffs have continuously expressed highly critical views about prominent Jewish figures, families and organizations, such as ADL and B'nai Brith and have connected them with plaintiffs* critical views on Zionism, Zionists, Mid-East foreign policy and international monetary policies."


A documentary on the NBC network show First Camera had alleged that LaRouche and his followers are anti-Semitic, have close contacts in the U.S. defense establishment and have well-organized fundraising practices. After the program aired, LaRouche launched a $150 million libel suit against NEC, and the Anti -Defamation League, which he lost. LaRouche claimed that he was defamed when an Anti -Defamation League official described him as an "anti-Semite" and a "small-time Hitler" on the program. (45)


LaRouche also lost an NBC countersuit, which alleged that LaRouche followers tried to sabotage a scheduled interview with Democratic Senator Daniel Moynihan by impersonating an NBC employee and a Senate aide. NBC was awarded $200,000 in damages, which was eventually paid by LaRouche. LaRouche said during the trial that anyone who believed the NBC broadcasts was "crazy," "insane" or "a total illiterate and mental case." (46)


In fall 1986, the Anti-Defamation League received a check for $1,178.86 from LaRouche, a court-ordered payment to cover out of pocket expenses incurred by ADL during the failed libel suit. In October, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal of the original lower court decision, clearing the way for the payment. (47)


Several other law suits against the media hive been launched: For example, in 1985, LaRouche *s National Democratic Policy Committee filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Atlanta Constitution and Atlanta Journal-Constitution accusing them of a campaign of threats



and intimidation against the organization and its candidates during Atlanta's local election, A federal judge dismissed the suit.


7B. Coverage in Canada


In Canada, much of the media coverage of the activities of LaRouche's C .radian followers has come from small circulation newspapers and magazines and student newspapers, such as The McGill Daily and the now-defunct Sunday Express and Open City, all in Montreal. In addition, the Montreal French-language daily La Presse published an article on the LaRouche organization In the "Plus" section of the Saturday. April 13, 1985 issue, as part of a series of articles about right-wing extremist groups in Canada, Shortly after publishing articles derailing LaRouche s activities in Canada, each publication received a legal notice from Gerard Quay, a Hull, Quebec lawyer representing LaRouche and the Committee for the Republic of Canada.


Other major, mainstream media coverage of late: a report on CBC's The Journal about a LaRouche sponsored proposition that could have quarantined AIDS victims in California, if not rejected by voters; a report on CBC-Radio's Sunday Morning about a LaRouche-follower running for mayor of Calgary and a feature in The Globe and Mail about the LaRouche movement.


Aside from that, much of the recent Canadian media coverage of LaRouche, concentrated on wire-service stories about the Illinois primary victory by the two LaRouche followers. Recent editorials in The Globe and Mail and other newspapers have labelled LaRouche as "a man who needs help" wand one whose activities may be exposed by the Illinois victory.


"From behind the curtain of his heavily guarded house in Leesburg, Va., Mr. LaRouche peers out at a strange and troubled world," the editorial "Whose favorite son?" read in The Globe and Mail last April. The editorial concluded: "The publicity raised by the Illinois malfunction may be all that's needed to restore a measure of sanity to U.S. politics."


"The LaRouchians ought to be a prime target for legitimate investigative journalism, but they haven't got it," Irwin Suall, who tracks LaRouche for the Anti -Defamation League told the Washington Journalism Review. "You have to really delve into LaRouche to understand he's not Just a corner crazy. He's somebody the press laughs at rather than researches," said John Fund, deputy editorial features editor for the Wall Street Journal and the paper's LaRouche expert. (48)


LaRouche's American publication New Solidarity often takes time to criticize prominent Canadians. For example, the late Samuel Bronfman is referred to in the March 10,




1986 issue as an Immigrant to North America from Eastern Europe, who, like other such immigrants, "became the basis for modern organized crime."


In the March 26. 1985 issue of LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review, an elaborately produced magazine aimed at the security concerns of business and law enforcement agencies, the Canadian government was cited as a major cause of Sikh terrorism (see Appendix A). Executive Intelligence Review sells for $396 U.S. a year and had a paid circulation of 11,500 in 1984. (49) '


Other LaRouche affiliated publishing enterprises available in Canada include: Fusion, New Solidarity International Press Service. International Journal of Fusion Energy. Investigative Leads. War on Drugs. New Benjamin Franklin. House Publishing Co., Campaigner Magazine and Campaigner Publications.




B. 1986: Group Gains Access to Canadian Airports


The LaRouche organization has long beer, active in major American airports, with members selling literature and parading their slogans. This activity in the U.S. has not gone without incident.


On February 7, 1932, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his wife Nancy were walking through Newark Airport, enroute to Boston, where Kissinger later underwent heart surgery. Passing in front of & LaRouche information both, Henry Kissinger was asked by Ellen Kaplan, one of the persons present: "Do you sleep with young boys at the Carlyle Hotel?" According to Kaplan, Nancy Kissinger then grabbed her by the throat and said "Do you want to get slugged?" Kaplan filed a suit charging assault, but Mrs. Kissinger was acquitted, with a Newark municipal Judge describing her action as a "spontaneous.. .human reaction." (50) This year, talk-show host Phil Donahue was involved in a similar incident with a LaRouche follower at an American airport .


Currently, following a February 1936 decision of the Federal Court of Canada, the organization is also making its presence felt in major Canadian airports, such as Dorval International In Montreal and Lester B. Pearson International in Toronto. Transport Canada is appealing the decision by Federal Court Judge J.E. Dube, in which he granted a declatory Judgement saying the concourses of Dorval Airport are a public forum.


The plaintiff, LaRouche *s Committee for the Commonwealth of Canada, had argued that its members* right of freedom to assemble was denied when they wert refused the right to picket by airport security officials.


At Dorval Airport, the party's activities consist of parading with placards that say such things as: "Free Trade Spreads AIDS" and "Better to Have Both Feet in NATO Than Your Ass in Siberia." At Lester B. Pearson. International Airport, party members "have been most aggressive in selling their items," Transport Canada lawyer Bruce Stockfish told The Globe and Mail. (51) "The approach has brought the party... an additional 200 or 300 members across Canada," spokesman Paul Fraleigh said in a Canadian Press article. Fraleigh said the airport presence lets the party speak to many businessman coming to Ottawa to speak to politicians. "You get a good flow of traffic and the chance to talk to people who really count."


The U.S. Supreme Court will decide in 1937 whether government -run airports may prohibit people from distributing literature inside terminals. (52)




9. Allegations of Fraud and Non-Repayment of Loans


The selling of LaRouche literature at booths set up in airports and elsewhere in the U.S. and Canada has given rise to allegations of credit card fraud in which cardholders receive statements charging them for literature they never bought. In 1986, prosecutors in the U.S. attorney's office in Boston said that they were investigating "a massive pattern of credit-card fraud" and possible federal income-tax improprieties by persons and companies affiliated with LaRouche. ( 53)


On October 6, 1986. hundreds of federal, state and local law-enforcement authorities raided LaRouche’s Leesburg, Va. headquarters as several of his associates were indicted in the alleged credit-card fraud scheme. (54) On the same day, a federal grand Jury in Boston handed up a 117-count indictment alleging wire fraud, unauthorized use of credit cards, obstruction of Justice and contempt of court. (55)


A few months later, on Dec. 16, 1985, two of LaRouche's top aides were indicted on federal charges of trying to obstruct the investigation into the alleged credit card fraud scheme, designed to finance LaRouche's presidential campaigns. "(The) Boston situation is serious, we should move to deny them access to documents and people," Edward Spannaus, treasurer of LaRouche's 1984 and 1983 presidential bids, wrote in a record book seized in the Oct. 6 raid on LaRouche's headquarters.


The indictment said Spannaus and Robert Greenberg, a top LaRouche security aide, had plotted to move several other LaRouche aides out of the country so they could not be questioned by the grand Jury. Charges of mail fraud and wire fraud were also added to the 117-count indictment issued on Oct. 6. LaRouche spokeswoman Dana Scanlon said the charges are part of "the biggest political witch hunt in the history of American law." (56)


Federal district court Judge Mazzone ruled in late February of this year that the government could start collecting $21 million against the LaRouche organizations Caucus Distributors Inc., Fusion Energy Foundation, the National Democratic Policy Committee and Campaigner Publications Inc. These organizations were cited for contempt of court in March 1985 for refusing to comply with federal subpoenas requesting documents related to the alleged credit card scheme. Each organization was fined $10,000 a day. When the organizations refused to pay the daily fine totals were raised to $55,000. Caucus Distributors and Campaigner Publications - which owe $3.06 mil -non in fines each - were among five of LaRouche's




organizations and 13 of his associates accused of participating in credit card fraud. Fusion Energy and the National Democratic Policy Committee owe $5.11 million each. The judge said evidence showed some subpoena records had been destroyed and others withheld. (57)


Under the alleged credit card fraud, once a person's account number is obtained, unauthorized charges are allegedly added, in some cases amounting to several thousand dollars. In Canada, a case in point involves Phillip Montgomery Poole of Calgary, who wrote the Bank of Nova Scotia Visa Center in Toronto on Sept. 4, 1984 about two unauthorized charges on his card, totaling $857.70. The charges were from Campaigner Publications of New York, a LaRouche organization. The first unauthorized charge came in June of 1984. The second charge came the following month, after Poole contacted Campaigner Publications to complain about the first charge.


"I was not in any U.S. airport during the time that these charges were placed against my Visa," Poole wrote in his letter to Visa. "These charges are fraudulent - I have not authorized this firm or any such firm from the U.S. -either by telephone authorization, by mail, or by any other means to allow charges against my Visa-... In my contact with this firm in the U.S. I found them to be very evasive, and they did not appear to care that the charges were not proper," Poole wrote (see Appendix B). There has been no resolution of this case.


There have also been allegations that the money collected in Canada on the sales of LaRouche publications has gone to the U.S. to help fund LaRouche's political campaigns - a violation of U.S. election laws. (53) And Federal Election Commission (FEC) documents reveal that the agency is investigating allegations that LaRouche-affiliated groups borrowed money from individuals for LaRouche's 1984 presidential election campaign and failed to repay. (59) For example, Lucille Pieper, a San Diego widow, alleged in a March 1985 complaint to the FEC that in 1983-84 she loaned $33,000 to a group for LaRouche's presidential campaign, "the savings of 37 years," and that the group did not repay her. After the complaint was filed she began to be repaid $340 a month. (60)


In late February 1937, a grand jury in Loudoun County, Va. indicted 16 supporters and five groups affiliated with LaRouche. Shortly afterward, police arrested 13 people on charges of selling unregistered securities. The prosecution said the groups persuaded people to lend money to LaRouche groups by offering interest rates as high as 20 per cent and many of the loans were never repaid. (61)




Canadians have also been involved in similar situations. Two examples:


- A Calgary law firm wrote in a Sept, 26, 1335 letter to the LaRouche organizations Campaigner Publications Inc. and Caucus Distributors Inc. that client Richard M. Proctor, a Calgary lawyer, was owed $105,708 U.S. in promissory notes (see Appendix B). "...on numerous occasions you have repeatedly promised to forward funds to begin to retire the Promissory Notes.... To date none of these promises have been honoured and no funds have been received," the letter said.

  In an interview. Proctor, a Calvary lawyer, said he was asked to loan money in 1984 , soon after he subscribed to the magazine Executive Intelligence Review at a booth set up by LaRouche followers at the San Francisco Airport. Proctor said the loan was given because he was initially impressed with the stand of LaRouche followers on nuclear energy and on Star Wars. Persistence also played a part, as columnist Mike Royko pointed out:


"Not long after he returned home to Calgary, he began getting phone calls from the LaRouchies. They would get him on the phone and talk and talk and talk. That's part of their routine — persistence and repetition. The hard sell. They're like a long, recorded message. You can interrupt them, argue with them, tell them that you don t want to be bothered... They operate on the theory that if they bang away at enough people the law of averages says they'll find somebody who will swallow their nonsense." (62)


In a Jan. 17, 1935 letter to Mike Wagner of the Chicago law firm Baker and McKenzie, Ronald Bettag of Caucus Distributors Inc. (CDI) in Leesburg, Va. wrote that Proctor had been told days earlier of the "critical political and economic nature of the next six months... The crucial battles include the necessary, immediate defeat of the Gramm/Rudman bill in the United States and the replacement of the present international Monetary Fund austerity policy to pay the debt with a LaRouche-modeled reorganization of the debt itself."


The author of the letter alleged that the Soviets are using surrogate warfare tactics using Libyan, Syrian and




Mossad terrorism "designed to wreck the Western Alliance prior to their full assault capabilities being unleashed in 1983." According to Bettag's letter, the Soviets understand :


"that under the present crisis conditions — economic, military, medical and moral — the LaRouche 1986 candidates' movement can effectively change the entire face of American politics f" within the next six months. In light of this, both the Soviets and (the LaRouche forces are fully mobilized; the U.S. population must be awakened to the fight."


With his in mind, it was suggested in the letter to Proctor that $20,000 of the loans be repaid immediately, with the remainder of the payments placed under a moratorium for six months (see Appendix B). Proctor agreed to consider the matter. However, on Feb. 14, 1985 he filed a complaint in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois demanding that the LaRouche organizations pay him $103 853 plus accrued interest and legal fees. Proctor said he won a judgement in the summer of 1938 ordering the organizations to pay him the money.


- In 1986. Gazette Probe, the consumer help column of The Montreal Gazette, published a letter from Montrealer Marguerite Boise lair who had loaned money to Caucus Distributors Inc. and wasn't getting it back.


In 1985, soon after subscribing to New Solidarity when she met LaRouche followers in a booth they set up at the Universite de Montreal, Boisclair loaned the organization $1.332 ($1,000 U.S.), to be repaid in a year at 14 per cent interest, in quarterly payments. In an interview, Boisclair explained that she had received several phone calls from Gilles Gervais asking that she loan the organization money. Boisclair, impressed by Gervais' claim the money would go toward a huge anti-nuclear war protest planned in Washington, agreed to lend the money. By the following year, most of the loan had not been repaid and Boisclair took her case to Gazette Probe (See Appendix B).


On May 20, 1985 Boisclair received a form letter from Caucus Distributors saying she had a right to be angry that her loan wasn't being repaid, but "you should not be angry at CDI. You should be angry at the people who have made it impossible for us to repay as scheduled."


The letter said that CDI "and other organizations associated with Lyndon LaRouche have been targeted for




intensive financial warfare since the end of the 1934 election campaign" when "a mob-linked bank" (First Fidelity Bank of New Jersey) "seized" $200,000 of LaRouche campaign funds. The letter said that the "Eastern Establishment news media" as well as "the terrorist-linked, gangster-protection racket known as the Anti -Defamation League" have been trying to frighten contributors and supporters.


"The direct threats made to contributors, interference with contributions by banks, and the thousands of lying news articles that have appeared around the country, have had a significant impact on our fundraising. We are fighting back by organizing a nationwide-boycott of NBC, by going after the ADL's tax-exempt status, and by gathering the evidence to put these criminals and extortionists in jail." (see Appendix B)


CDI asked Boisclair to forget the loan or at least extend it. Needless to say. Gazette Probe was unable to help her get her money back. (63)




V. Conclusion: The Illinois Experience - Lessons to Be Learned


Last year's victory of the LaRouche group in Illinois should serve as a warning for Canadians. In that state, two LaRouche followers captured the Democratic Party nominations for Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State, defeating the Democratic candidates picked by the party's gubernatorial nominee, Adlai E. Stevenson 3d.


The upsets were widely considered the result of party overconfidence and voter ignorance, Party officials have offered a variety of theories to explain the upsets: low voter turnout, little serious campaigning, ethnic bigotry, Anglo-sounding names, and a lack of awareness of LaRouche. Calculated changes by LaRouche may have also made him appear more acceptable to the general public: In the 1930 and 1984 U.S. elections, LaRouche toned down his rhetoric, making him appear to be a well-reasoned, intelligent economist.


The LaRouche forces attributed their success to a message that emphasized strong action to deal with unemployment, crime, drugs and AIDS: LaRouche 's winning candidates, Mark J. Fairchild, a 28-year-old electrical engineer and Janice Hart, 31, promised to stop farm foreclosures, to reopen closed steel mills, to form citizen groups to hunt down drug pushers, to prosecute banks for laundering drug money and to press for mandatory screening for AIDS.


"It's absolutely nonsense," Democratic National Committee spokesman Terry Michael said of the LaRouche candidates. "They have no interest at all in working within the Democratic Party. They're trying to use the party as a vehicle for their bizarre agenda. No one should try to rationalize why these LaRouche cultists have decided to file for office as Democrats. There is no rational answer to that," he told the Associated Press.


Speaking of the LaRouche supporters' victory Michael said: "One thing we feel certain of is the voter did not connect the names of these people with any views. They simply had no idea who the people were."


Whatever the reasons for the Illinois victory, the fact remains that U.S. supporters of LaRouche have penetrated the American political system. Now the Democratic Party, stung by the Illinois experience, is planning to step up its efforts to educate the public on what can become a significant threat to the electoral process. Shortly after the Illinois primary, the Democratic National Committee began a telephone "alert" to state party




offices asking them to monitor the views of Democratic candidates closely. The committee is also providing Information on the LaRouche organization to party leaders.


LaRouche followers constantly assert that the world is in immediate danger of destruction - by nuclear disaster in 90 days, or an AIDS epidemic - and that only LaRouche can save the world. In "A Machiavellian Solution For Israel" LaRouche claimed that "99 and 44/100ths of the human race" is composed of a "bestial mass of ignorant sheep" who need the loving guidance of LaRouche 's "shepherds."


In a:: unsigned editorial in the March 1, 1979 edition of New Solidarity, entitled "A War-Winning Strategy", the writer declared:


"The preservation of the United States, not to mention the vast portion of the world which requires immediate injection of U.S. and Soviet technological aid for mere physical survival, thus depends on the U.S. population mobilizing for a different sort of war. The aim of that war must be the total elimination of Britain's worldwide political, economic and military leverage - the leverage that has thrown the entire world toward devolution into genocide, terrorism, and regional 30 year wars, as well as the ultimate catastrophe... At this late hour each delay brings us closer to holocaust. America must be cleansed for its righteous war by the immediate elimination of the Nazi Jewish Lobby and other British agents from the councils of government, industry and labor..."


LaRouche advocates a three-stage strategy: establishing a dictatorship in the U.S. in the name of industrial capitalism, purging the Jews, and mobilizing America for a "total war" to drive the enemy from its last bastions. The U.S. would be used as a base for military world conquest. (64)


Seeing himself as a world savior, LaRouche has made it a point to enhance his reputation as a statesman, seeking support from a variety of fringe organizations. Former U.S. Labor Party member Gregory Rose wrote in National Review that in 1974 LaRouche and some top aides made contacts with Palestinian terrorist organizations, particularly the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and




that he developed a close liaison with the Iraqi Mission to the United Nations. In 1975, at the invitation of the Iraqis, LaRouche made a trip to Baghdad, during which he reportedly met with PFLP leaders.


In 1981, LaRouche "s National Caucus of Labor Committees published "The Physical Principles of Thermonuclear Explosive Devices," showing, among other things, the design of a "dry" H-bomb. Journalist Dennis King said so^-n after that .he organization was "perhaps the only extremist sect in the world which understands how to make an H-bomb." (65)


Norman Bailey, a former economics staff member with the National Security Council, met with LaRouche followers on numerous occasions while in government arid said in 1984 that they had "excellent" international contacts and are "one of the best private intelligence services in the world." (65)


Fortunately, the Illinois primary victory by LaRouche's followers may have been a blessing in disguise; there is optimism the publicity from that victory will halt the growth of his organization. Since the Illinois victory, LaRouche followers have not had any major victories in the U.S., as Americans begin to learn more about them. Of 234 candidates originally fielded in state primaries, only 13 made it to the November 1986 elections. None of the 13 LaRouche candidates affiliated with the Nation?.! Democratic Policy Committee succeeded in bids for state and federal offices but some made strong showings in Texas and Illinois races for the U.S. House of Representatives. (67)


"They've been exposed. What they stand for has been exposed," Donald Rose, a Chicago political consultant told Time Magazine in the June 9, 1986 issue. "The light of day is going to disturb this fungus." Agreed Erwin Suall, director of research for B'nai Brith's Anti-Defamation League: "The- better they're known, the more they're disliked." He added that support for some of the LaRouche candidates in Texas and Illinois was due to the fact many people probably had no knowledge that some of the people on the Democratic ticket in their state supported LaRouche. (58) Nathan Perlmutter, Nation -1 Director of the Anti -Defamation League, said the lesson of the defeats was "that -he American people, when the facts are given to them, reject bigotry. A:.d significantly, that the LaRouchites, on stage, in the spotlight, are their own most effective prosecutors." (69) "


Certainly Canada h .s not beer, affected by the LaRouche organization as much as the U.S. But given the fact LaRouche followers are organized in Canada and have experience in the country's political forums, Canadians




should not be smug and believe that support for LaRouche can not grow here. Canadians can profit from the American experience by learning what the LaRouche organization has stood for in the past and what it stands for now. Indeed, the greatest ally of the LaRouche followers is ignorance.


For its part, B'nai Brith Canada will continue to monitor the activities of this organization. Once the views and goals of this group are brought out into the open, it is unlikely that LaRouche will be able to make major inroads in Canada.






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62. "Debt no big deal to LaRouchies," Mike Royko, The Chicago Tribune. March 27. 1986.


63. The Gazette. Aug. 19. 1986. p.A-11.


64. Nazis Without Swastikas. The Lyndon LaRouche Cult and Its War on American Labor, by Dennis King, published by the League for Industrial Democracy, c.1983.


65. Ibid.


66. "The Sound and Fury of Lyndon LaRouche." op. cit.


67. "All Jewish incumbents re-elected, LaRouche candidates" score :0.” The Canadian Jewish News. Nov. 13. 1985. p. 4.


68. Ibid.


69. "The 10 Most Significant Events," Nathan Perlmutter, ADL Bulletin. February 1987. p.13.




Appendix A


The Views of LaRouche and His Followers




"The idea that Canada is a nation - in the sense that Americans understand the term - is the product of low-grade, if persistent, public relations efforts. Politically and financially, Canada is run straight from the top by the British monarchy, starting with the Governor-General whom the Queen appoints, the Privy Council, and including the core group of Knights of St. John of Jerusalem who control the bulk of Canadian business.


(...) Canada transships most of the heroin entering the American market, because it was created and maintained as a British Dominion on the northern flank of the United States to carry out precisely such operations." — Dope Inc., p. 160-131.


"The gold and diamonds side of the dirty money laundering operations, under the immediate control of Britain's Zionist Hofjuden (Court Jews) is part of the same machine. Through the highest circles of British policy, all the important branches of the drug machine - the Chinese connection, the old-line British opium traders, the dirty "offshore" banking sector, and the Zionist Hofjuden - run Canada from the top.


From there the trail leads directly into the American crime syndicate, through the Hofjuden Bronfman family." — Dope Inc.. p. 61-62.




"Although the threat to the life of Prime Minister Gandhi, and the destabilization of India through communal strife, is orchestrated on behalf of Moscow, Sikh terrorism could not function as effectively as it has without the witting cooperation of the FBI, the U.S. State Department, and the Canadian Ministry of External Affairs." — Executive Intelligence Review. September 27 1935.




"Changes in the Canadian Constitution guided by Pierre Trudeau in 1981-1982, strengthened the hold of the British monarchy over the country's institutions." — New Solidarity, July 27 1984.




"It is my duty to expose the evil behind Prime Minister Trudeau's 'peace mission'. If this mission of appeasement is successful, according to the scenario of the Pugwash-Ignatiev circles, then, history will judge our Prime Minister a greater fool than Neville Chamberlain.” – Giles Gervais, preface to the Draft Constitution of the Commonwealth of Canada, by Lyndon LaRouche, 1984.




"In other words, the Hudson's Bay Company, the most 'Canadian* of companies, is run from |the top by a combination of Far Eastern old-line drug traffickers and their closest London contacts." —Dope Inc., p. 164.




"Both Seagram (and its old Prohibition rum-running partner. Hudson's Bay) are interlocked through a maze of contacts with all five of the big Canadian chartered banks: the Bank of Montreal, the Royal Bank of Canada, the Bank of Nova Scotia, the Toronto Dominion Bank, and the Canadian Imperial Bank. Thus the dirty money gleaned from the drug trade is conduited through these banks to points further south.

(...) The Canadian institutions are barely distinguishable in their current practice from the British buccaneers who plied the Caribbean during the 17th century." — Dope Inc.. p. 166.



"Only one other corporation in the world, Barclays Bank, contains more members of the British monarchy's most elite order among its directors. That fact alone establishes Canadian Pacific's vassalhood before the feudal rights of the British monarchy.


(...) The concentration of Knights of Malta on the council of the Canadian Pacific Company also clears up - from a professional intelligence standpoint - why that company has special access to the Far Eastern narcotics traffic." —Dope Inc., p. 172.




“He (Major Louis Bloomfield)is a high-ranking member of the Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem and runs its subsidiary Canadian Red Cross Ambulance Corporation, major Bloomfield also runs Britain's International






"The day on which Italian working-class men secure their rightful self-estimation as potent producers ... they will certify this instantly by turning all the churches and whorehouses into harmless and useful museums, putting all images of the Virgin Mary — -with that goddamn smile! — out of sight ..."

— Lyndon LaRouche ("Lyn Marcus"), "The Case of Ludwig Feuerbach," The Campaigner, December 1973.


      "(Christian doctrine's) second opponent, the identity of the ordinary Satan, is the Virgin Mary, the Arch-Witch, the dark power over the infantile ego, reaching out from the demon-infested pit of... Hell to drag man into his characteristic gluttony ("chicken soup"), sensual self-degradation. ..and general Dionysical heteronomy."

— Lyndon LaRouche ("Lyn Marcus"), "The Case of Ludwig Feuerbach." The Campaigner. December 1973.




"The society of Jesus has been predominantly evil throughout its history since the founding of the order at Venice. It is essentially a revival of the Delphi Cult of . Apollo, which professes its method to be the delphic method, which has functioned as the political— intelligence service for the same gang of oligarchs which have created most of the inquisitions and related horrors Europe has suffered since the order was created. Its predominant role in the world today is on the side of wickedness."

— LaRouche, Special Memorandum, October 1981.




"Behind the 'gay rights movement'. . .lies a powerful and well-connected network of pederastic Satanists. . .The "disappeared children" are used as sexual slaves; many end their lives as human sacrifices in *neo-pagan* satanic rituals that often feature cannibalism. The bodies are never found, and some suggest this is because they are used for 'spare parts' in organ transplants."

— Antony Papert, "Ed Koch and the Child-Abuse Network." New Solidarity. July 22. 1985.






"Only Black ghetto mothers tend to be as effectively sadistic to their male children as Italian or Spanish mothers..."

— LaRouche ("Lyn Marcus"), "Trotskyism as Organized Serial Impotence," NCLC discussion paper. August 20. 1973.




"To create the blues, black prostitutes and homosexuals were screened, profiled arid selected according to who could convey the most thoroughly obscene image of self-defilement. ..All followed an identical stock format — lyrics sung in black southern slang and drawl against a crude accompaniment based upon only three different chords, a musical prescription so impoverished as to be comparable only to the music of the opium and prostitution parlors of the Far East. .. .Blues lyrics constituted a mindless outpouring of racist filth and unprintable obscenities."

— Peter Wyer, "The Racist Roots of Jazz." The Campaigner. September/October 1980.




"Was it then correct for the American branch of European humanist culture to absorb the territories occupied by a miserable, relatively bestial culture of indigenous Americans? Absolutely. Was it correct to absorb Texas and the area taken in the Mexican-American war? Historically, yes — for the same reason."

— LaRouche, The Case of Walter Lippman, New York, 1977, p. 30.




"Of course, she's pushing drugs... that is in a sense of a responsibility: the head of a gang that is pushing drugs; she knows it's happening and she isn't stopping it."

— Transcript of interview with LaRouche, NBC's First Camera. March 4. 1994.


"At almost the same time as the U.S. State Department orchestrated the overthrow of Philippine President Marcos, the Queen of England was in New Zealand helping to hand the Pacific over to the Soviets ..."

— New Solidarity, July 23, 1973.






"In a neat division of labor, the U.S. State Department, the International Monetary Fund, and the An ti -defamation League (ADD of B'nai Brith have worked out an arrangement to hand Israel's economy over to the Dope, Inc. narcotics-trafficking cartel."

    — Executive Intelligence Review. March 26. 1985.

ON THE BAHAI FAITH                t


"Faith is scarcely the proper term for that wicked cult."                         

 — LaRouche. Special Memorandum, October 1981.




"Concretely, all across the U.S.A., there are workers who are prepared to fight. They are held back, most immediately, by pressure from their wives...

"If the worker rejects this pressure from his wife, she then bursts into tears or threatens to leave him, wailing. . .

"Is it not clear that his wife is, in a practical sense, insane, is it not clear that if he gives in to his wife's neurotic fears he is willfully murdering his children?..."

— Editorial. Campaigner. September /October 1973.



"In the U.S., the cancer of pluralism goes by many different names. The Rand Corporation calls it consensus politics or, more simply, the "process of democracy ".... The pluralism of fundamentally opposed positions leads to dissolution, destruction, and loss of identity. In summary, I think it may be time to start burning witches again."

— Herbert Quinde, "The Cancer of Pluralism," New Solidarity. January 27, 1986




"The fact of the matter is that the "Zionist Lobby " with a capital "z". is the most visible of the internal* enemies of the United States— and of the human race—at this specific moment. Every policy it is currently pushing is pure evil."                                  G

-- “a War-Winning Strategy." unsigned editorial New Solidarity. March 21 1978.                   



"The Zionist Lobby is a major power within the three TV networks, and especially NEC which televised Roots and^ Holocaust to build racial tension for a long, hot summer.

—New Solidarity. July 17, 1978.


"If you say, As a Jew, I must be concerned primarily with what is good for Jews.' you are already on the pathway to becoming a Nazi. You were better advised to ask yourself, 'What is a Jew good for? What can a Jew contribute to humanity generally which obliges humanity to value the Jew?"

—New Solidarity. December 8, 1978. 

"In short, anyone professing Zionist loyalties is by definition incapable of being loyal to the interests of the United States. He is, by definition, a national security risk. The Zionist octopus must be eliminated."

—New Solidarity. September 5, 1978.

"The problem among Jews is ancient. The Bnai Brith today resurrects the tradition of Jews who demanded the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Jews who pleaded with Nero to launch the 'holocaust' against the Christians. These Isis cult-linked cabalist moral imbeciles are the modern Sadducees, the resurrection of the degraded creatures who were the chief enemies of Philo, Christ, St. Peter, St. Paul ...

"...we know that Zionism today is a parody more hideous than what it imitates from the most evil period of Ptolemaic Egypt and the Roman Empire. You cannot be a Zionist and also a Jew."

— New Solidarity. December 8f 1978.

"The contemptible but impassioned sophistry which the Zionist demagogue offers to all foolish enough to be impressed with such hoaxes is the 'holocaust* thesis. It is argued that the culmination of the persecution of the Jews in the Nazi holocaust proves that Zionism is so essential to 'Jewish survival' that any anti -Zionist is therefore not only an anti-Semite, but that any sort of criminal action is excusable against anti-Zionists in memory of the mythical "six million Jewish victims' of the Nazi "holocaust."


"This is worse than sophistry. It is a lie. True, about a million and a half Jews did die as a result of the Nazi policy of labor-intensive 'appropriate technology' for the employment of 'inferior races,' a small fraction of the tens of millions of others - especially Slavs - who were murdered in the same way Jewish refugee Felix Rohatyn proposes today. Even on a relative scale, what the Nazis aid to Jewish victims was mild compared with the virtual extermination of gypsies and the butchery of Communists.

The point is that Adolf Hitler Was Put into Power largely on the initiative of the Rothschilds Warburgs and




Oppenheimers, among other Jewish and non-Jewish financial interests centered in the city of London."

. _ New Solidarity. December 8, 1978.



"Men crazed with the fear of death are known to engage in frightful orgies of sex and violence. In Israel, the latter has become increasingly predominant with the years, starting with massive religious riots in 1963. Stoning is a common and accepted occurrence in Jerusalem's orthodox area; orthodox Judaism itself is only the thinnest disguise for exacerbated peasant paranoia.”

— Nancy Bradeen Spannaus, "Israeli Psychosis: Rockefeller's Solution to the Jewish Question," The Campaigner. August 1975.



"...Rothschild agent, Bernard Baruch, Sr., helped arrange the assassination of President Lincoln and then laundered the funds from London banks that were used to found the first Ku Klux Klan immediately after the Civil War's conclusion."

—New Solidarity. July 17. 1978.

"Modern Zionism was not created by Jews, but was a project developed chiefly by Oxford University and brought into being through the same Oxford-centred frenzy of cult manufacture of the post-1832 period which also created the 'Chartist Movement'. 'Young Italy,* the Bahai cult Blavatskyian Theosophy, and the 'Order of the Golden Dawn.'"

— New Solidarity. December 8. 1978.



"Let us speedily expedite the urgently necessary task of freeing humanity from the grasp of that specific form of lower-life before we are destroyed by them or enslaved by them. Let us joyfully ensure that the representatives of the British system are destroyed bo that humanity might live... Those of us who should know better have been tolerant of such creatures for far longer than has been good for the rest of us. Let us, with ruthlessness, ensure that the job is done correctly now."

—Christopher White, "The Noble Family," The Campaigner Special Report. Number 11 1978.



on bnaI brith and the anti-defamation leaGue


"The fallacy of the "Protocols of Zion' is that it misattributes the alleged conspiracy to Jews generally, to Judaism. A corrected version of the "Protocols” would stipulate that the evil paths cited were actually the practices of...B'nai Brith..."

— New Solidarity, December 8. 1978.

"...The ADL is only a group of self -hating anti-Semites with Jewish names, eager to do any dirty deed that their controllers, the Morgans, Rockefellers, and others of the Anglo-Episcopalian elite demand."

— New Solidarity, February 14, 1982



"In my opinion, for people like Kissinger, a deep pit is needed surrounded by high concrete walls to prevent anybody from being hurt if he tries to escape. The bottom of the pit would have an opening leading to a comfortable cage, the cage would be hosed out for hygienic purposes every day, and Henry would then take his walk in the pit. As soon as he is in the open air, widows and orphans, especially from Pakistan and the other countries which were Henry Kissinger 's victims; could approach the wall, and should they wish it, spit at him. If it depended on me, Henry Kissinger should live as possible under such conditions. You see, I am quite civilized."

—"The LaRouche Network in Europe," ADLEF, March 1985.



APPENDIX  B               :


Sept.  4.   1984


•                                                •

The Bank of Nova Scotia

VISA CENTER                                                             

P.0. Box 4100

Postal Stn.  "A"

TORONTO. Ontario






                                                                       12 SEP 1984   UNIT E


Dear Kelly:                                                                ]


As per our conversation of Aug.  31,  I wish to advise that I have had  two unauthorized charges on my Visa card.


The first appeared on my June statement as outlined:



June 15     002         $529.20  * Campaigner Publication    New York

                                                  Amount          $400.00    U.S.  Dollars



The second appeared on my July statement as outlined:


July 27      002         $328.50     Campaigner Publication    New York

                                                   Amount         $250.00    U.S. Dollars



    After receiving my June statement,  I called your customer relations department  to report the June 15th transaction,   indicating that it was indeed fraudulent.     In order to follow up on who was making these unauthorized charges against my Visa I telephoned the Campaigner Publication firm in New York the same day - July 24th.    I spoke to a Mr. Scott Thomson who informed me he was with security staff. I endeavored to question him as to what these charges were for, who authorized them etc. - and he indicated that perhaps I had made a contribution at some U.S. airport and forgotten it.             I was not able to get a straight answer on the question, and found this firm to be very unco-operative.    I asked them to check into the situation, and call me back - no call was received.

The Campaigner Publication telephone # It is (212) 247-8820.







The Bank of Nova Secotia



I was amazed to find another charge against my Visa close to the date of my inquiry call.    At the time of the first charge; I was in Ottawa Ontario attending -a memorial service for my deceased mother.


I was not in any U.S. airport during the time that these charges were placed against my Visa.


These charges are fraudulent - I have not authorized this firm or any such firm from the U.S. - either by telephone authorization, by mail, or by any other means to allow 'charges against my Visa.

I have not been able to ascertain what these charges pertain to - and I am concerned that this continues. Therefore I am returning my two Visa cards, in order that this account may be closed forthwith.


My making the miminum due payment of $1,062.50 I do not accept responsibility for these documented unauthorized charges.


In my contact with this firm in the U.S.   I found them to be very evasive, and they did not appear to care that the charges were not proper.


I would hope that this matter will be corrected.    I have had a Scotiabank Visa for many years, and have not encountered any problems in the past.    I trust that we can sort this matter out.


Thank-you for your assistance.



Sincerely yours.








Campaigner publications  Inc.,


- and -        


Caucus Distributors  Inc.,                                                                 WITHOUT PREJUDICE

2nd Floor,

4507 North Kedzie  Avenue,

Chicago,   Illinois.

U.S.A..   .      60625


ATTENTION:     Mr.   Ronald  R.   Bettag


Dear Sirs:


                                              Re:     Richard M.   Proctor

                                              .           Promissory Notes



We have been  consulted by Mr.  Richard M.   Proctor with respect to certain Promissory Notes which Caucus Distributors Inc.   and Campaigner Publications  Inc.   gave to Mr. Proctor between July  9th,   1984   end November 2nd 1984,  copies  of which ere enclosed for your easy reference.


We understand that you have had conversations with both Mr. Proctor end Mr.  Killick and that on   numerous  occasions you have  repeatedly promised to forward  funds  to begin to retire  the  Promissory Notes, all of which  are past  due.     To date none of These promises have been honoured and no funds  have been received.


We enclose a schedule which indicates that the total  balance outstanding on the Promissory Notes to be  in  the  sun of   $106,708 U.S. plus interest  front august 31st,  1985

.……/ 2






Campaigner Publications Inc.

- and –

Caucus Distriubutions Inc.                        


                              - 2 -             September 26th 1985


In view of the length of time that these Notes have been outstanding, the repeated demands that have been made for payment and the unfulfilled promises, we have been instructed by Mr. Proctor to make formal demand for payment in full of all monies due pursuant to the promissory Notes, which monies are to be received in our hands in form of a bank draft payable to Bennett Jones not later than October 3rd, 1985.


We have consulted with Mr. Michael Wagner of the law firm of Beker and McKenzie in Chicago and would advise that we will be instructing him to commence whatever action may be necessary to collect this outstanding indebtedness in the event funds are not in our hands by October 3rd, 1985.


We are sure that you will want to avoid the increased costs and attendant embarrassment that such action would cause and therefore look forward to receiving funds by return.






Cacus Distribution Inc. / P.O. Box I234. Leesburg. VA 22075                                               

January 17,  1986


Baker and  McKenzie

1?0 East Randolph Drive                               

Suite # 2700

Chicago,  Illinois 60501.

Attention:     Mike Wagner


Dear  Mr.   Wagner:


In a  telephone conversation with Mr. Richard Proctor on January 12,  1986,  the critical political and- economic nature of the next six months was discussed.     The crucial political battles include the necessary immediate defeat of the Gramm/Rudman bill in the United States and the replacement of the present International Monetary Fund austerity policy to pay the debt with a  LaRouche modeled reorganization of the debt itself.     Only such a reorganization of  the  international  debt burden and  an  indepth ??biAimation of American  industrial capabilities will  deter the Soviets from their present surrogate warfare tat\  is using Libyan,   Syrian  and Mossad terrorism.     A terrorism designed to wreck the Western Alliance prior to their dull ???:-. -.•.tult capabilities being unleashed in 1988.


The Soviets understand two crucial aspects of the present international situation     1)  That the Middle East and Mediterranean Sea th????rs,  the weakest flanks of the West,  can be used to break  the U.S. role as a superpower  in the world centrally;  and 2)  that under  the present crisis conditions -- economic,   military, medical and moral — the LaRouche 1986 candidates’ movement can effectively change the entire face of American policies within the next six months.     In light of this, both the 's???cts and the LaRouche forces are fully mobilized;  the U.S.  v???^ula:ion must be awakened to the fight.


In this  connection we discussed with Mr. Proctor his present financial  situation and the status  of his past  loans  to  this political  effort.   In short,  I suggested that; while  the present,  overdue ???led payments rotating  twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) ????? op immediately, the remainder of the payments be places in a moratorium for six months.     Or alternatively, that portion of  the notes themselves be ??nized and updated.



page 2.-


This discussion would necessarily include the following points-  1) the computation of the additional interest due to date 2) the determination of a ratio regarding principal and interest on both the amount already repaid and future amounts to be repaid; and 3) the terms of the note itself in the event that this is the final outcome of our discussion. For example, in any new note the interest rate should be reduced by approximately one half.


This decision is not primarily financial or legal, but rather political in nature. Mr. Proctor agreed to consider the matter and suggested that I put such a proposal in written form, forwarding it to you and the legal staff.





Ronald Bettag     



P.O. Box 366  -  Place d'Armes  


H2Y 3R8


Dear  Sir:


In  January  1985  I paid   $30.00 for a  subscription to   "Nouvelle  Solidarite" which   I have  been receiving  every week  since.  My cheque was made out to  "Parti pour la Republique du Canada".   I checked with the bank and there is no endorsement  signature   -  only a rubber  stamp  "Parti pour la republique du   Canada.   .


                  Several weeks later, I  started  getting  calls explaining  the  purpose   of this cause which was mostly to fight nuclear war.   And  invitations   to attend   meetings,  one in particular at  Theatre   Saint  Denis   in  April  which   I  did not attend.   The   calls kept  coming regularly,  always  from Gilles Gervais and always asking  for a  donation  or a loan. Finally  in   May ,   the  4th,   Mr.   Gervias  called  from New   York and  said they were  organizing the  biggest protest walk  on Washington against nuclear war and  could  I let him have $1,000.  as  a loan - for  one  year,   interest  14% payable every 3  months.


I  can't  explain   or  start  to understand what made me  give him my credit  card  number  and   O.K.  this  amount,   in U.S.   Funds   =  $1,382.50  CAN.     But  I  did.     When   I received   my Visa  bill,   Caucus  Dist. Inc. sounded   like  merchandise   so  I phoned  Visa.   I was  told  that  it was   impossible  that he  could have  had  cash for  that amount   - they  sent  me  copy  of  the  trans-action.     (encl).


Of course he had  given  me  his  phone number   -  737 -2226 in   Montreal so  I used   it.   The   phone  was not  registered in  his name,   it was a  friend.   Gilles  was  not  there  but he would call me  within  30  minutes.     Having no news,   I  called  again but  this number  was no longer in use.   I was  told  by the   Protection du Consommateur  that   in  fact  they  had  a  new listing  for  that number,   on  Darlington,   but   could  not   give   it   to me .




Then   I tried  calling the number  given  on page 2  of Nouvelle  Solidarite   (encl.)   - the  receptionist says  she vas told not to answer calls for this number any  more.

In the meantime,  I had  to pay  the  bill and had to waft for a  tern deposit to come due  so  I borrowed  the amount from my bank with  interest in the amount  of  $65.01.


    Total $1,447.51 is a lot  of  money to give to this turkey.       I don't know that anything can  be  done   in a  case like  this but you are my  only hope.     I tried to  make this  clear and as short as possible     it all adds up to mea  culpa all the way.


If you wish to reach me my number at  the office is .       .. ....-and  I would appreciate   it very  much   if you call as  early as  possible around  9 a.m.   - my boss hates personal calls.


Thank you  for reading this  and  anything  else you may  be  able  to do.




           Marge Bainclair






Caucus Distributors, Inc. • 748 Attn: ccac Radio City Station New York. New York 10101

*                                                                                                               '


May 20. 1986


Dear Supporter:


      Our   records   show  that  you have  sent   funds   to  Caucus Distributors,   Inc.   (CDl)


    If you have  not  been repaid  according   to  schedule,   you  may be angry.     You have  a  right  to be  angry.     But  you  should  not  be angry at  CDI.     You  should be angry at the people who have made it impossible  for us  to repay your loan as  scheduled.


CDI  and  other  organizations  associated  with Lyndon H. LaRouche  have been  targeted  for  intensive   financial  warfare since   the   end  of   the   1984  election campaign.     Those  of   us associated  with Mr.  LaRouche have  seen  financial  warfare   thrown at us  since  1977-78.     But  starting at  the end  of  October  1984, First  Fidelity Bank  of New Jersey,   now  shown  to be  a  mob-linked bank,   seized   $200, 000  of   LaRouche  campaign   funds,   in conjunction with  the U.S.   Attorney  in  Boston  and  the  Boston FBI office.     That  U.S.   Attorney   in Boston,  William Weld,   has  become notorious   for his  coverup  of   the  S2 billion drug-money-laundering  scandal  involving  the Bank of  Boston and Swiss banks  in which Weld has a direct  family  financial interest.


The LaRouche  campaign committees have  already won a  couple of major  court  victories   in  their  suit  against First Fidelity, including  a  ruling  by  the   court   that  First  Fidelity  illegally seized   funds  belonging  to  Independent Democrats   for  LaRouche.


Meanwhile,   Weld opened  up  a grand   jury   investigation  of   CDI and other   organizations.      It   is  now over   I8  months   since   that grand   jury   investigation began,   and   it   is   clear   that   its purpose  was   to  try  to  drain CDI  and  other   organizations financially   through heavy   legal   fees  and   fines.     There  of course have  not been  any   indictments.


However,   the   Eastern  Establishment   news  media,   headed by NBC,   the New York  Times,   the Washington  Post,   and  AP,   have been leaking  alleged   "findings"  of  the grand   jury,   in order   to try to frighten  contributors   and   supporters.     They have been   joined by  the   terrorist-linked,   gangster-protection  racket  known   as the Anti-Defamation  League   (ADL) ,   and  by  drug  pushers   such   as


(over )



Dennis King — the writer for the pro-drug High Times magazine. In -conjunction with these forces, AP has, deployed its reporter William Welch in an extortion racket against supporters of LaRouche who have made contributions to CDI and other organizations,

The direct threats made to contributors, interference with contributions by banks, and the thousands of lying news articles that have appeared around the country, have had a significant impact on our fundraising.  We are fighting back by organizing a nationwide-boycott of NBC, by going after the ADL's tax-exempt status, and by gathering the evidence to put these criminals and extortionists in jail.


If you have been contacted by anyone telling you that "LaRouche is about to be indicted," or, "LaRouche preys on old people," or similar such lies, please let us know about it.


If you have a loan outstanding, we ask that you forgive the loan, or, at a minimum, extend the terms of the loan so that we can continue the important and essential work we are doing.


In the past few weeks since the Illinois elections, we have transformed U.S. politics, and LaRouche has become a household word.  Your previous financial support, enabling us to publish and distribute our publications, helped to lay the basis for the Illinois victory and more which are to come.


We are grateful for your past support, and we ask for your continued support and cooperation.


Yours truly ,


J. Philip Rubinstein



Appendix C


The LaRouche Network




Caucus Distributors. Inc. - Caucus Distributors, Inc.. was established in December 1981 in New York, NY, under the state's not-for-profit corporation law "to promote and encourage the political (sic) and ideas and beliefs fostered by the International Caucus of labor Committees and other organizations advocating the same ideas and beliefs." The New York-based corporation's purpose also has been "to distribute to the general public, sell and obtain subscriptions to publications specifically dedicated to the political ideas and beliefs fostered by the International Caucus of Labor Committees and other organizations." Caucus Distributors is the distributor of Executive intelligence Review (EIR).


Club of Life - The Club of Life was founded in October 1982 in Rome, Italy "to stop the genocide being pushed by the Club of Rome and the Global 2000 program, and to fight for a New World Economic Order." The group's activities are "based on the program for global industrial development put forward by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., the world's foremost economist" (sic). Helga Zepp-LaRouche issued the "call" for the founding of the Club of Life. Zepp-LaRouche and her husband have headed the list of members of the International Board of Directors of the group.


Elektra Broadcasting Associates - Elektra Broadcasting Associates is a Virginia corporation which has arranged to purchase radio station WTRI-AM in Brunswick, Maryland for $350,000. The station's broadcast area includes part of Loudoun County, Virginia. The two individuals listed as president and vice president of Elektra have served as contributing editor and director of press services, respectively, of Executive Intelligence Review.


Fusion Energy Foundation (FEF) - The Fusion Energy Foundation, now located in Leesburg, Virginia, was established in early 1974 in New York City. It was founded as a tax-exempt organization for "the promotion of energy-flux-dense modes of production and application of energy, together with emphasis on the standpoint in physics and physics-mathematic education required for comprehension and progress in developing such technologies." The Foundation published Fusion and the International Journal of Fusion Energy. Allied publications have been produced in Mexico, Germany and Sweden. The FEF also has published books and conducted "Fusion Energy Conferences."




Humanist Academy - The Humanist Academy has not been active since 1980. It was established in October 1979 as an "outreach mechanism" organized by the LaRoucheites to attract potential members of academic bent -interested in literature, music, the arts, philosophy and economics. Its stated purpose was "to revive the scientific, cultural, and moral excellence that characterized the humanist victory of the American Revolution and its intellectual precedents."


International Caucus of Labor Committees - The International Caucus of Labor Committees (ICLC) is the foreign arm of the U.S. -based National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC). The ICLC was founded* by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. in the late 1960s, at about the same time as the founding of the NCLC in the U.S. The ICLC is headquartered in Wiesbaden, West Germany, and has established offices in Canada, Latin America and Asia, as well as in Europe.


Lafayette /Leesburg Ltd. Partnership - Lafayette/Leesburg Ltd. Partnership is a corporation associated with the LaRouche movement. The company's trustees are Edward Spannaus and J.S. Morrison. Spannaus has been identified as a LaRouche supporter from New Jersey. In June 1984, the company bought a 9.8-acre-tract in a Leesburg, Virginia industrial park and is developing a 30,000 square-foot printing plant and office complex on the site.


National Anti-Drug Coalition - The National Anti-Drug Coalition began as the Michigan Anti-Drug Coalition at a December 1978 mass rally sponsored by the U.S. Labor Party. The stated purpose of the Anti-Drug Coalition was "to mobilize the concern of citizens politically against both the drug-traffic and the campaign for legalization of all or part of the drug consumption." The group claimed the existence of anti-drug coalition allied organizations in Mexico, Colombia, Italy, France, Sweden, Denmark and West Germany. Between 1990 and 1981 the National Anti-Drug Coalition published a monthly magazine. War on Drugs. In recent years, activities of the National Anti-Drug Coalition have diminished.


National Democratic Policy Committee (NDPC) - The National Democratic Policy Committee was formed in 1980 to serve as "both a policy association and a multi-candidate political action committee." It has functioned as the political action arm of the LaRouche organization, and has sought members and contacts in a wide spectrum of organizations. The title of the committee, which implies an affiliation with the Democratic Party, has caused confusion among Democrats, who have sometimes been led to support the group because they thought it was a part of the Democratic Party. In March 19B4, the NDPC claimed that its chapters had 30,000 members and that 2,600 of them were on the ballot in




local, state, federal and party elections.


Patriots of Germany - Patriots of Germany, based in West Germany, is "a new patriotic movement" formed in October 1935. Among the signers of the group's founding resolution was Helga Zepp-LaRouche. The LaRouche newspaper New Solidarity said that the group is "a movement of patriots, based on the finest of the German historical political tradition, going back to the patriotic wars of the early 19th century." The proclamation of Patriots of Germany stated that "We demand that the education of one youth be based upon the foundations of German' classical culture and the Humboldt conception of education", best exemplified in Beethoven and Schiller, in the political ideas of the Prussian Reformers like Vom Stein, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau."


Publication Equities Inc. - Publication Equities Inc, is a LaRouche-affiliated company whose only listed director is Edward Spannaus. Publication Equities purchased a storefront in downtown Leesburg, Virginia for $275,000; it was turned into a bookstore stocking LaRouche *s writings and other publications. Publication Equities also purchased a 64-acre property on Short Hills Ridge in Neersville, Virginia, near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.


Schiller Institute, Inc. - The Schiller Institute was founded in July 1984 in Arlington, Virginia "to counterpose to the multiple tendencies toward decoupling Western Europe from the United States a positive conception for the maintenance and revitalization of the Western alliance" and to "newly define the interest of the Western alliance." The group's "Principles" proclaim that members "regard themselves as world citizens and patriots alike, in the sense that Friedrich Schiller used these notions." Helga Zepp-LaRouche has headed the list of members of the Executive Board of the group and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. has headed the list of members of the Advisory Board of the group.


The U.S. Labor Party - The LaRouche-run International Caucus of Labor Committees established the U.S. Labor Party in the 1970s. Lyndon H* LaRouche described the party as a "neo-Whig political force, based explicitly on both the Whig economic policies of President Lincoln's advisor, Henry C. Carey, and Carey's policy of 'harmony of interests' of industry, agriculture and labor." LaRouche wrote that "the developments of 1973 and 1979" within the Democratic Party brought about a situation in which "There were no visible candidates representing the organic world-outlook and intersts of the anti-Carter traditionalist Democrats." He added: "In this circumstance, it was viewed by the National Caucus of Labor Committees to be counterproductive to wage a U.S. Labor Party campaign




outside  the ranks of the   Democratic Party.,,   the  NCLC... went into the Democratic Party en masse,  and the U.S.  Labor Party vanished out of neglect in September 1379."   (See also the following "Labor Parties".)


The Colombian Andean Labor Party - The Colombian Andean Labor Party is associated with the International Caucus of Labor Committees,  the foreign arm of Lyndon H.  LaRouche  s National Caucus of Labor Committees.


European Labor Party (ELP) - The European Labor Party is associated with the International Caucus of Labor Committees,   the foreign arm of LaRouche 's National Caucus of Labor Committees.  The  ELP maintains: branches  in France, West Germany,   Italy,   Denmark and Sweden.   The West German branch is chaired by Helga Zepp-LaRouche.  Zepp-LaRouche also has been a principal in the Schiller Institute and the Club of Life.


Mexican Labor Party - The Mexican Labor Party is associated with the International Caucus of Labor Committees,  the foreign arm of LaRouche's National Caucus of Labor Committees.  LaRouche has described the Mexican Labor Party as   "an  influential political association"  in   that  nation.


Publishing Entities


Campaigner - Campaigner is a slickly-produced magazine that is published four times a year by Campaigner Publications, Inc.  The magazine has been promoted s seeking to further "a classical  scientific and cultural Renaissance In the making." In the past,   the publication described itself as "the English language journal of the National Caucus of Labor Committees and the  (now defunct) U.S.  Labor Party." The publication also has been described by LaRoucfieites as "the oldest among the publications which the ICLC membership produces,  or otherwise actively supports in partnership with others not associated with the  ICLC."


Campaigner Publications.  Inc.  - The New York-based Campaigner Publications,  Inc.   is a publishing house affiliated with the LaRouche movement.  It publishes New

Solidarity and Campaigner.


Executive Intelligence Review - Executive Intelligence Review is a Washington,  D.C. -based weekly magazine that was founded in 1974.  Lyndon H.  LaRouche,  Jr. -is listed as the Founder and Contributing Editor of the publication. Executive Intelligence Review is published by New Solidarity International Press Service and distributed by Caucus Distributors, -Inc.  The publication lists, in addition to its  editorial  staff,  Intelligence  Directors  on




thirteen subjects, as well as International Bureaus in eighteen cities around the world. The publication also has a European headquarters in West Germany. EIR's subscription price in the U.S. is $395 per annum, with single issues priced at $10. It is an elaborately produced propaganda publication whose articles are directed toward the security concerns of business and law enforcement.


EIR News Service - EIR News Service, originally called EIR Confidential Alert, was established in January 1935 in Washington, D.C., to provide "the policymaker who needs the best intelligence" with "the key developments to watch closely." EIR News Service transmits to subscribers "10-20 concise and up-to-the-point buletins twice) a week." Its "Alert" is sent to subscribers "by electronic mail service the next day." A daily three-minute "telephone hot-line" also is provided to subscribers. The EIR News Service's subscription rate is $3,500 per annum. EIR News Service also distributes EIR Quarterly Economic Report, an "economic forecasting service" priced at $1,000 per annum and $250 per issue.


Fusion - Fusion is the publication of the Fusion Energy Foundation, which is associated with Lyndon H. LaRouche s National Caucus of Labor Committees. Fusion is published six times a year; it began publication in January 1979. Fusion's masthead states that it is "dedicated to providing accurate and comprehensive information on advanced energy technologies and policies." It adds: "FUSION coverage of the frontiers of science focuses on the self -developing qualities of the physical universe in such areas as plasma physics - the basis for fusion power - as well as biology and microphysics, and includes ground-breaking studies of the historical development of science and technology." The publication incorporates a previously separate periodical called The Young Scientist.


International Journal of Fusion Energy - The International Journal of Fusion Energy is a quarterly magazine which has been published since 1977 by the Fusion Energy Foundation, originally based in New York City and now in Leesburg Virginia.


Investigative Leads - Investigative Leads was begun in January 1990 as a spin-off periodical of Executive Intelligence Review. In 1985, Investigative Leads was discontinued as a separate publication, and incorporated, as an occasional feature, into New Solidarity. LaRouche 's twice weekly paper.


Loudoun County News - The Loudoun County News is a weekly newspaper in the Leesburg, Virginia area that was established in December 1985 by a LaRouche-controlled company. The publication has sought to develop a local