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Dennis King "The New American Facism



Dennis King is regarded as the country’s leading expert on Lyndon LaRouche. This book was printed in 1989 but it is still relevant as it provides background information on the world wide LaRouche network. It tells us about how Lyndon LaRouche developed his political activities since the late 1960s. It is important to trace the history of the LaRouche Movement for it tells of the neo-Nazi connections, the dangerous psychological methods used which have led to extreme paranoia and emotional break-down and are described in LaRouche’s own words as “ego-stripping”

These factors work alongside anti-Semitic and fascist indoctrination. This book gives facts about his connections with Teamster boss Jackie Presser and Panama’s General Manuel Noriega. It is a complete story of the fanatic and his mission – Lyndon LaRouche and his vision of a fascist America.

Lyndon LaRouche discourages his followers from reading any book that gives any opinions contrary to his own. It is hoped that making theses extracts from the book accessible here, will at least provide information to those unsuspecting individuals who may be considering abandoning their studies and devoting their lives to the goal of making Lyndon LaRouche President of America. This book gives a chilling account of a fanatic. Dennis King has kindly given permission to bring here some important chapters from his book because it is out of print, and only a limited number of copies is available.

You can read here:

Chapter 4: The Great Manchurian Candidate Scare

Chapter 6: The Jewish Question

Chapter 10: Old Nazis and New Dreams

Chapter 16: The Art of Scapegoating

Chapter 29: Elizabeth, Queen of the Jews

Chapter 30: The War Between the Species

The full version of the book has become available in PDF format It is done with the generosity of Dennis King and in his support for Erica Duggan's fight for justice for her late son Jeremiah. It is done in the belief that all individuals have the right to critical thought. It is hoped reading these chapters will raise questions about why LaRouche stands accused of being a fascist and anti-Semitic cult leader.

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