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LaRouche links with Special Forces


LaRouche: dealing with Intelligence Organisations and the Military

It is extensively documented that the LaRouche network has powerful connections and operates as a Private Intelligence.

Researchers suggest this is how Lyndon LaRouche keeps himself safe and avoids scrutiny.

There is no transparency on how he administers his finances which stretch across countries and borders. Ex members testify how money is sent from the States to finance his Youth Movement in Europe. Large sums of money disappear into specially set up front groups. LaRouchites are sent between countries in an attempt to further his goals. Australians end up in Germany, Germans in the USA, French in Sweden and Americans in France etc. all working to promote his Youth Movement and conduct his Intelligence affairs. The workers out on the streets are not informed about the financial and intelligence affairs by Management. It is known that members of the Youth movement know nothing about the history of the LaRouche network or about their sinister connections. They are deceived by being fed lies and conspiracy theories. For Example, LaRouche publications write that Erica is merely a pawn of Bush and Blair, whereas the truth is that she is a mother forced to fight against a far richer and more powerful LaRouche organization and two States Germany and Britain that have refused to investigate the death of her son.

Dennis King:

Click here external_link.gif For a full download of Dennis Kings book: Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Facism.

In particular read Chapter 10 : Old Nazis and New Dreams. [ click here external_link.gif] which is all about the past connections with German military and Frankfurt police.

Criminal connections? click here external_link.gif for
          A. Dennis King's research into the LaRouche links with Dictators, Death Squads and Hate in Latin America.
          B. The Efforts to organize a Regional Fascist Network among Military Officers.

Copy of Original Document LaRouche meets with CIA in order to set up links and spread his conspiracy theories Click here (PDF) external_link.gif

'The CIA - only a caretaker force - LaRouche tells who's really benefiting from the Agency's demise

LaRouche links with special intelligence

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Helmut Lorscheid and Leo A. Mueller:
Their book "Deckname Schiller, Die Deutschen Patrioten des Lyndon LaRouche" has not been fully translated into English. Click here external_link.gif for more information on this book.
You can download in whole book [ in 2 parts ] “Deckname Schiller” in German by clicking here external_link.gif This book ought to be translated as it reveals much about the links in Germany between the LaRouche sect, Intelligence Organisations and the Military. Click here external_link.gif for more information about how the brother Heribert Hellenbroich was President of the Federal Office for the protection of the Constitution while his brother Anno Hellenbroich was a founding member of the LaRouche cult.

William Grim :
To read William Grim's article on how The Schiller Institute and Lyndon LaRouche are part of a sophisticated and rapidly expanding network of anti-Semitic right-wing and neo-Nazi organizations click here. external_link.gif


The LaRouche organization's 1983 scheme for winning Spain's "dirty war" against Basque nationalists:

(and persuade the French police to cooperate...)
Herbert Quinde, a top operative for U.S. ultra-right ideologue Lyndon LaRouche, was pleased when, in 1983, Spain's new Socialist government appointed one Manuel Ballesteros--a police official who had tracked communists during the Franco era and then transitioned seamlessly into tracking terrorists on behalf of the post-Franco democracy--to advise on the struggle against the Basque separatist organization ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna - The Basque Country and Freedom). click here. external_link.gif