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When:              Friday, 17th October 2008         2pm. - 5.30 pm.

Where:            House of Democracy and Human Rights.
                                           Venue details: 0049 302043506   Greifswalder Strasse 4, 10405 Berlin

          This  Forum  aims to publicly examine the dangers posed by the  Lyndon LaRouche Movement – which includes the LaRouche Youth, the Schiller Institute and the political party the BUESO.  Former members and disaffected families from Germany, the UK, France and the USA will discuss evidence that the LaRouche organization is a  danger  - to its much abused members, to the young people it seeks to recruit, and to the democratic institutions it seeks to undermine through anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and other forms of hate.  We will discuss  the legal, political, health  and safety issues when families are failed by our European system that takes no action to  prevent socio-pathic sect leaders from preying on youth.  The  case that the LaRouche group does great harm by spreading a coded form of  anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in Europe today will be discussed.  With the death in 2003 of the 22 year old student  Jeremiah Duggan, in Wiesbaden Hesse the authorities show how unwilling they are to fully investigate the circumstances  of what constitutes an  unexplained death. To this end for the first time in Germany, former members  together  with  disaffected  families  will  seek to raise awareness about   whether the LaRouchites represent a danger to society, and to European law.  Politicians will advise and comment.


  1. For more than 30 years, the LaRouche  group  have operated with impunity out of Wiesbaden, in Hesse, Germany.  Not  monitored – even when they established a youth movement in 2000 –  their destructive practices  go hardly noticed .
  2. The LaRouche/ Bueso youth sell publications and recruit outside European and American colleges and Universities. They encourage  students to abandon their studies in order to work solely for the LaRouche organisation.
  3. In 1994, the Bueso party (Germany’s LaRouchite political party) was described in the Bundestag as a political sect.
  4. Disaffected families  to date, are silenced and alone for when  they speak out they risk losing contact with their sons or daughters. Victimized families, like the youth targeted by the LaRouche organization, are  subjugated  into a  conspiracy of silence.
  5. Jeremiah Duggan, a British student studying in Paris, traveled to Germany, unaware that the seemingly benign anti-war conference he would attend was really a recruitment session for the LaRouche organization. Within five days of his visit, Jeremiah’s dead body was found at the side of the authobahn with the police dismissing the death as “suicide” and thereby justifying very quickly closing the case with only a very rudimentary enquiry. Whether he was killed by cars or not there has not been a full investigation of the circumstances surrounding this death. 
  6.  Hessen authorities refuse all requests to look again  at  Jeremiah’s unexplained  death and the  Wiesbaden Prosecutor handed  over all confidential files to the lawyer of the Head of the LaRouche group in Germany Helga Zepp LaRouche, thereby prejudicing future  enquiries. Recently Erica Duggans request for a meeting with the Prosecutor has been refused. This was to get answers to unexplained questions e.g. Why did the LaRouche people have Jeremiah’s blood stained passport? Where did Jeremiah make his last phone  call  naming the LaRouche group as the people from whom he wished to escape?
  7. Jeremiah’s body was found close to the LaRouche EIR offices in Erbenheim (Executive Intelligence Review is located in Erbenheim, Weisbaden, which is the LaRouche organisation’s press headquarters).  Even  though  the  death follows a LaRouche conference and cadre school, the authorities have shown little interest in whether or not Jeremiah was the victim of physical or psychological abuse.
  8. LaRouche is a convicted felon and fraudster.  Yet he is allowed to set up conferences and recruit European youth to fascistic youth groups in Germany.  After LaRouche’s imprisonment in the United States in January 1989 with a 15 year sentence,  early  release after five years on parole  he freely travels in 2003 to Germany and holds a rally of 500 members in Hesse; calling upon the young to join his movement  and give up their former lives and education to follow his dictates and thus save the world from destruction.

               Young   recruits  are crowded into flats, paid little for their work and told what to read, do, and to think. LaRouche’s German wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, heads the Schiller Institute, Bueso and EIR.  With the use of fear, shame and guilt people lose the ability for critical thought. Members are fed conspiracy theories and misled; for example,  LaRouche tells youths he was not guilty of fraud and wrongfully  convicted; that September 11th was planned by a special division of the United States Pentagon; there is  an international conspiracy of Jewish bankers controlling the world;  Zionists and their British supporters   plan to destroy the world if they cannot control it.  With a smokescreen of high culture,  music, science and the arts, youthful ideals are  manipulated  into  believing that the outside world lies to them, and that only LaRouche and his organization has access to the truth.
           Chip Berlet
, senior analyst at Political Research Associates, has gathered extensive evidence that: “The LaRouche organization is currently the world’s largest distributor of literature based on ‘coded anti-Semitism’, rooted in the false allegation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Furthermore, evidence of systematic incitement to hatred against the British and worldwide Jewry in LaRouche publications which started in the 1970’s continues unfettered to this day. Through their prime publishing outlets in Wiesbaden, their cadres schools and road side recruitment drives the LaRouche group  in Germany is fully participating in how this group spreads anti-Semitic conspiracy theories worldwide.

               Dennis King, author of a political biography of Lyndon LaRouche, similarly argues:  LaRouche doctrines  express  a mixture of hate and scorn; thinly -veiled  euphemisms and conspiracy theories involving Jewish banking families. The method used is to build up prominent Jews as symbolic hate figures, developing new forms of ‘blood libel’, and the concoction of the myth of an evil ‘oligarchy’ – also known as the ‘Zionist-British organism’, the ‘Venetian party’ or simply ‘the British’. This ‘oligarchy’ is the target of the LaRouche organization’s most violent abuse; naming them as utterly evil and parasitical. Thus we see how anti-Semitism lies at the core of their belief system”   

               Dr Matthew Feldman, Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Northampton, comments: “The LaRouche organization advances seemingly ridiculous conspiracy theories – like the British royal House of Windsor heading the international drugs trade – to deflect journalistic, political and legal attention away from their seriously  dangerous  revolutionary agenda.  Nor has any satisfactory inquiry been undertaken regarding the still-unexplained death of Jeremiah Duggan in Weisbaden, Hesse been carried out. That a young Jewish man died in contemporary Germany after attending a training school for the youth –should act as a start wake-up call: we need to initiate a long-overdue investigation of LaRouche and his entire organization.” 

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