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We quote here an extract from “Cults in Our Midst. The Hidden Menace in our Everyday Lives” by Margaret Thaler Singer. (page 81-82)


  "We realize how fragile human social identity is when we see people caught up in today's cults and thought-reform groups and when we see cult leaders and other manipulators formulate their brainwashing programs around almost any theme. What makes the recent programs so effective in producing attitudinal and behavioural change is that persuasive techniques have been taken to a new level of sophistication. And through their new method of attacking the self, cults and other groups using thought-reform processes are pushing people to the brink of madness. In some cases, they push them over the edge. There are no controls on these snatchers of our loved ones. Currently, the cults are without restraints and without consciences. "  




As parents we devote our energies and our lives in rearing out sons and daughters.

Then our children are stolen from us and we see how they are changed and their behaviour altered. We realise how fragile human social identity is when we see how our children are caught up in today’s destructive groups and when we see how their leaders employ more and more sophisticated methods of persuasive and harmful techniques to

keep our children in their power.


When our sons and daughters are recruited to the Lyndon LaRouche youth movement they are exploited and their thinking and behavior is altered. We believe it is a crime when those changes result in the loss of a person’s human rights. We believe it is a crime when the essential aspect of a person’s sense of self is attacked so that they lose the ability to protect themselves from harm.  We believe the person who is subjected to techniques that damage their well being so that they become physically or psychologically ill has been a victim of a crime.


Who is responsible for such harming?

Who is to protect us against such crooks, swindlers, psychopaths and egomaniacs of every sort?

What can the Law do to protect us against this  danger?

How can families protect, rescue and heal our exploited, damaged and destroyed children?



By NOT colluding with our loved ones when they have been manipulated into becoming the slaves of these dangerous leaders. 






By protesting against pscho-therapists, sociologists and other academics who prefer to take the route of the coward and fail to stand up and report crimes when they see them.


By supporting those psycho-therapists, cult information services and academics who abide by the law and do not collude with criminals


By asking the professionals to speak out and be more proactive to campaign with us to change things so that families are protected against crimes. These crimes are committed by destructive groups that use the power of the group to attack the stability and important nurturing role of the family.  Many of us are afraid to speak out as we are the victims. We  pay the professionals a lot of money to help us on an individual level but unless the professionals help us on the wider level then we may feel that just as our children are exploited by the cult so are we the family exploited by the very professionals to whom we turn for help us.  There is no such thing as a "value free" assessment of a crime. Destruction of an individual's powers to protect themselves from harm is a violation of the right to life and a violation of human dignity.


We record here our work to help our children




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