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  The Inquest opened on Tuesday 22nd June, 2010 into the unexplained death in Germany in 2003 of the young British College student Jeremiah Duggan studying in Paris who was lured to Germany by members of an extremist group that is known to incite hatred against the British and the Jews.  After five days of attending the conference, organized by the convicted USA fraudster Lyndon LaRouche, Jeremiah called home in terror for his life.  Within the hour his dead body was found along the motorway but the German Police closed the case without any witness statements being taken.


For seven years the Duggan family have campaigned for Justice for their son after evidence raised serious suspicions about the way Jeremiah was killed. 


The battle to get an investigation has taken place in two countries with a ruling in May 2010 by two Judges of the High Court that a new Inquest was merited to establish whether or not foul play was involved.


Mr Walker, the Her Majesty’s North London Coroner who said he had read the verdict from the High decided that all the files should be handed over to the British murder squad so that the  police  could properly investigate.  He said: “I don’t see how any other approach could be taken. There needs to be a proper investigation by the police and then any necessary steps taken after.” Mr Walker added that “It would be helpful if the material held by the family was delivered to the police.”   The Coroner will consider writing a report if required to the relevant authorities once the investigations are completed and the public Hearing held. 

Neil Sheldon , the family’s barrister said: “It is a live possibility Jeremiah was killed as a result of foul play by either individuals acting on their own or at the behest of an organization that was running the event at the time."