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Statements from the Families


Our 22 year old son changed universities and moved city in the summer of 2004.

After being accepted by his new university, he broke off his previous studies, worked for a few weeks and disappeared for about two months in the election campaign for the State Parliament of Saxony. He told us he was helping a citizens' initiative (literally!) which was campaigning against unemployment, and why not? Two weeks after the start of the semester he surprised us by telling us that he was going to stop studying and make himself available as a 'full-timer' for BueSo (Civil Rights Movement Solidarity – Buergerrechtsbewegung Solidaritaet). We were horrified! Until then we had never heard of this organisation or party. We tried to persuade our son at least to finish some kind of training so that he would not one day be left stranded in the labour market with no skills. We also told him to consider that his political influence would be all the greater if he were to stand up for his convictions as an expert – all to no avail. The LaRouche Organisation had already got him hooked!

Until then we had never heard of anyone called LaRouche. The LaRouchies hang out in universities targeting students as recruits with their message that studying does not make sense because you don't learn anything at university anyway, the big financial crisis is about to happen, Fascism is resurgent because of mass unemployment – and other threats. To avert these threats, he said he had to do "political" work.

We took the time to talk to him over a period of several days. Until then he had not been particularly interested in politics, and from what he said he sympathised with the Greens. Now everything had changed. About turn. Hi-tec was needed, a transrapid link ("Eurasian land bridge") to the Far East, nuclear power stations in all corners of the Earth. This was all justified with noble aims: a just world economic order and Third World development.
He tripped off all the arguments that we then subsequently read over and over again in the Internet and in publications of the LaRouche network. We noticed especially that he described his political opponents and stupid, moronic and cowardly, attributes that have no place in any political debate. Apparently it is usual in his new environment to designate his opponents as fascists and nazis, such as "eco-fascists". We were most of all interested to know how he imagined his future to look like. He said that the financial system was about to break down and he wanted to become a financial expert, and he wanted to work on the creation of a university where people really learn something.
His discussion style was very flighty and erratic. We experienced the entire gamut of LaRouche eclecticism (hocus pocus).
Socrates is great, Plato's Allegory of the Cave is correct, Aristotle is too materialistic, Schiller's 'Beautiful Soul' is his model, Kepler is good, Newton is a charlatan, the 'Baby Boomers', i.e. the 1968 generation, are responsible for the bad state the world is in, especially in the Third World, the Frankfurt School (Adorno) is misanthropic, the City of London and the British Royal Family promote and profit from the international drugs trade and are behind all the negative social developments there are. Modern art is satanic, the only true artistic style is that of the Renaissance. Johann Sebastian Bach was the last real musician, modern music is crap.

Several things make it clear that the LaRouche group, for all its apparently progressive slogans, is a right-wing organisation. The word "democracy" is mentioned as good as never in their discussions and publications. Political participation of people in power is not quite their thing. Their cadet organisation, the Schiller Institute, has the sub-title 'Institute for the Art of the State' – an elite organisation. The Holocaust and the Nazi dictatorship of 1933-1945 are relativised; they talk about the "Holocaust swindle", claim that the situation today is much worse that the Third Reich, that the work camps in Mexico are much worse than the nazi concentration camps ever were!
When the group criticizes Capital it is almost always the names of Jewish banking families that are mentioned (e.g. Rohatyn). The group nurtures concealed anti-Semitism; they often say "British people" and mean "Jews".
Deutschland, Deutschland über alles – the Deutschmark was great and should be reintroduced, the nation state is non plus ultra, all cross-national organisations must be rejected; the European Union is described as a dictatorship.
LaRouche and Co. have a conspicuous affinity with authoritarian regimes in any case. Nowhere is the human rights situation in China, Russia, Sudan, etc. discussed. Their projection of the political future portrays the Humanists – that is them – operating the signals of society's railway, while the helots are permitted to build transrapid lines!
It became clear to us from our fruitless discussions and from the Internet that this is not a normal political organisation or party, but a political sect. At its head are Hermyle Lyndon LaRouche (born 1922) and his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche (born 1948). For the members, the words and instructions of "Mr." LaRouche are law; he describes himself as a statesman and economist. In his long tracts, e.g. 'New Solidarity', a weekly newspaper run by the network, he reveals himself to be a historian, a physicist and psychologist – in short, a genius. He is thought to be a millionaire and shares with his wife a lifestyle that is not exactly austere, even though he declares only a very low income for tax in the United States.
The "full time organizers“ organised in the LYM are crowded together several in a room in mostly cheap rented flats in a few big cities (Berlin, Dresden, Essen, etc.), and they have managed to create an international flair with the character of an international youth hostel meeting place.

In our estimation, the LYM has around 80 members in Germany, while they probably have a lot more than this in the USA. The members are occupied round the clock with doing the work of the sect for pocket money. We have no idea whether the organisation pays social welfare contributions to health insurance and pension insurance. Each day, the members study the "briefings" from Leesburg in the USA, and on some days choral singing is rehearsed. Bach's 'Jesu meine Zuversicht' has been compulsory for years.
The members set up stands and sell newspapers. Their recruitment techniques are aggressive; anyone leaving their telephone number at a stand is called regularly. They write and send out reports on their doings, they "study" and develop permitted topics. They occupy themselves with geometry tasks – the perennial favourite is doubling the square, which is supposedly a model for real education. Flats are constantly being set up while others are closed down.
Every now and again attending cadet training sessions and conferences, trips to other LYM flats. Their most aggressive form of action at the moment is the deliberate disruption of meetings with choral singing, as they did in 2005 at a meeting of the SPD in the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund.

A LYM member's life is conducted practically exclusively in close proximity to their guru. There is practically no private sphere. Our son completely broke off contact with his friends, and even with his girlfriend, when he joined. In the beginning phase, he sought very little contact with us, but we have since been able to maintain contact at family celebrations. The main condition for granting this "family right" was that we were not allowed to go public or talk to journalists, which is why are not presenting and cannot present this report ourselves here. Like all sects with dubious aims and methods, they shy away from the light of publicity. Members are placed in a situation of credulity and dependence, which we would not have thought possible in our son, and which rules out an independent life. A member "in service" comes across to others as a robot rattling off prescribed slogans.
After joining and thus breaking with his former environment, our son developed mental health problems, which he described as difficulties in concentrating.
When we heard about the case of Jeremiah Duggan, we had a huge shock, since parallels with our case cannot be ruled out. The Wiesbaden Public Prosecutor's Office has failed to take a closer look at the sect that he was presumably trying to escape from.

We want to know where the money for running the LaRouche network comes from and what its strategic aims are. We want to know what recruitment methods the sect uses and how it manages to change the attitudes of young people in such a short time and get them to break off contact with their friends and family to order. The case of Jeremiah Duggan must be reopened in court and the causes of his death must be investigated.
We want to know whether the people who run the sect pay social welfare contributions for their employees, so that they do not have to start from scratch with nothing if they leave. We want the authorities to deal critically with the organisation and not to be so naive. If this group that entices students away from their education and tramples on the self-determination of the individual that is guaranteed in the Constitution is granted any allowances or benefits, these must be stopped. We want the public and private landlords to be alerted to look more critically when renting flats and rooms and such like. We know that the Buergerrechtsbewegung Solidaritaet only mantles itself in the sham of being a party so that they can enjoy the privileges of a political party that allow them to operate freely. We call upon a critical public, especially journalists, to find out what forces and interests are behind this organisation.

October 2008, parents of a member

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Does the LaRouche Group Pose a Threat to Individuals and a Danger to Society?

There has not in either Germany or Britain been a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding my son Jeremiah Duggan’s death in 2003 near Erbenheim Hessen. For this reason I am not in a position to make any accusations against any person for being involved in his death. I can only consider the following suspicions and ask that in order to protect the safety of others a full enquiry is made into what caused my son’s death.

1. My son was a life loving young man, in love with Maya, with plans for his future. He came as a visitor to Germany to attend a LaRouche event and within five days he was dead. His death was sudden and violent.

2. I received a phone call from my son shortly before his death in which he told me he was frightened, that he wanted to escape from the LaRouche group Nouvelle Solidarite and that I should come immediately to rescue him. His girlfriend received a phone call an hour earlier telling her he was under too much pressure and that he feared they had done something harmful to him.

3. The LaRouche management lied to the police on the morning of my son’s death saying he was a mental patient of the Tavistock clinic, had made previous suicide attempts and was mentally unstable. They also told the police they had rung me when it was I that phoned them. The first thing that Ortrum Kramer said to me before she supposedly knew Jeremiah was dead was “we take no responsibility for the action of our members.”

4. The Manageress of the LaRouche Schiller Institute handed in Jeremiah’s passport and this was not found with the body. Subsequent forensic tests show it had his blood on it.

5. The British Inquest finding discounted suicide and stated that Jeremiah died in a state of terror.

6. Conversations with Jeremiah , the briefings found in Jeremiah’s bags and the lectures at the time of the LaRouche 2003 conference and cadre school shows anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and how a dangerous level of anxiety is stirred up by fraudulent statements :e.g. Sept 11th was due to inside division of the USA warfare division and that LaRouche was not guilty of crimes for which a Court found him guilty.

7. The LaRouche people acted very suspiciously after Jeremiah’s death. They held a conference around 10 o clock in the offices of the Executive Intelligence Review in which Helga Zepp La Rouche and other leaders stated that Jeremiah was a spy, brainwashed by the Tavistock clinic and sent over to harm the organization. They forbade anyone to talk about Jeremiah’s death and even to talk to each other.

8. The LaRouche management forbid the people last with Jeremiah to speak to the family. Erica Duggan was never allowed to speak to those persons and when she contacted them they refused her.

9. The LaRouche organization from 2003 put out publications in which Erica Duggan was accused of being part of a conspiracy to attack the LaRouche organization. I was blamed for bringing about the death of my own son by his last phone call. My son was described as a drug addict and his name was defamed all over the world in LaRouche publications.

10. The Wiesbaden investigating officer when asked by us to carry out full investigations stated that he did not wish to investigate the LaRouche organization.

11. After Jeremiah died I received many letters from families describing the dangers of this organisations and showing that they were in a sense blackmailed by the organization because if they spoke out their sons or daughters cut off all contact. This means that families are intimidated.

12. Much later when we obtained 79 negatives of the photographs of the alleged crash expert pathologists stated that his body was not run over by a car.

13. The evidence of anti-Semitism I discovered is contained in a separate document on researches into the incitement to hatred.

14. I met the British pathologist who carried out the post mortem and he stated that Jeremiah could not have been run over by a car but that he was severely beaten to death.

15. As the LaRouche group set up recruiters outside the Colleges and as their aim is to re-educate the young they should if they have the well being of their members in mind welcome transparency and be most eager to thoroughly examine any practises that may be harmful to the lives of their members. Instead of which they threaten legal action, conduct smear campaigns and attempt to intimidate the Press in an attempt to shut down open debate which is part of our democratic process.

ERICA DUGGAN. 17th October 2008

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The Destruction of family life and society
by the Larouche movement

By Ada Waterford

This is my statement of what has happened to my family as a result of my son’s involvement with the Larouche organisation, and also why I believe that this organisation poses a threat to society as a whole.

I have used a pen name, as I am unable to disclose my identity because of the damage exposure may cause to my son and my family.

I first heard the name Lyndon Larouche in telephone conversation with my son over seven years ago, and since that day the lives of my family and my son have never been the same. My son told me during this telephone call that he had met a group of people who were brilliant and were actively involved in trying to save the world from many threats, including saving the world financial system from collapse, preventing World War Three and a plot by a sinister group of people who were planning to replace the world’s governments with a fascist dictatorship.

At around the same time as he came into contact with the Larouche organisation my son had suffered a major traumatic event and was searching on the internet for answers as to what was happening in the World. I believe that he was recruited by the Larouche organisation at this time. Shortly after my son came into contact with them he started to talk about all sorts of conspiracy theories, That George Bush, Dick Cheyney and others were involved in a Satanic cult, Jewish bankers including the Rothschilds and the Oligarchy were also involved. I became increasingly concerned and horrified by what my son was telling me and decided to do some research into this organisation myself.

As my research continued I became so worried about what my son was involved with I started to make attempts to talk to him about his involvement with them. These attempts were met with anger and an almost hysterical response as to why couldn’t I understand that these people were saving civilisation from destruction and why couldn’t I support him in his efforts to help them with their mission, I became the enemy and I never knew when I would provoke another frenzied outburst of frustration and anger at my lack of understanding. As I was so worried about my son’s mental state I tried to find someone or some information that could help me and I came across The Cult Information centre on the internet and also bought the book by Stephen Hassan “ Releasing the Bonds”. Reading Stephen Hassan’s book gave me some comfort, it showed how you could use certain methods to free people form the mind control techniques that they had been subjected to. I enlisted the family into the effort to try and get my son free from the all-powerful influence that they had over my son.

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French Parents Collective statement

Delusion and Deception. Strong concerns about our children.
First, we want to emphasize the fact that there is no fight against our children and us at all. We love them, and we will love them forever.
In 2005, French parents concerned by the situation of their son have set up a group. What is important to say is that, in this group, the feelings of each parent about the Larouche Movement and Solidarité &Progrès are identical at least on one point: for us, this movement is dangerous, especially for the young adults and students, who are the main target of Lyndon Larouche.

1. A few weeks after they met LYM members in the street or nearby campuses, we were all stricken by the dramatic changes in our children's behavior, activities, musical tastes, and political views. While discussing with them, we all noticed that they had acquired new ways of expressing themselves. A new vocabulary arose, with large use of words such as "synarchy", "organizing". And, more importantly, each one of our sons or daughters rejected ideas they supported a few weeks before.

2. Since then, our children have abandoned their studies or their jobs, some before the age of eighteen. They have absolutely no income. And, furthermore, they are obviously isolated from society. When we discuss that point with them, they question our point of view. They say "We meet people every day and we discuss with them". Delusion! They neither accept criticism from others, nor do they adopt other’s ideas as part of a healthy exchange. The Larouche Land is their world! In this way, they are completely desocialized. They justify this break from society by saying that they have to sacrifice themselves in order to save the world. Delusion! The fact of the matter is that they have no more future. Not only have they become fully dependent on the movement, but they are also losing the sense of what having one’s own voice means.

3. They have adopted the ideas of the "Great Man", Lyndon Larouche, and they never questioned these ideas.
When we discuss with our children about some larouchian extreme statements, they don't see the questionable character of it. Let's just give one example which can be found in The Campaigner, December 1978 issue, entitled "Zionism Is Not Judaism". Our children simply sweep aside the questionable character of this statement with the back of their hands. Larouche has acquired such a dimension in their minds that these youths no longer have access to their former values nor to values which make up our civilization. More generally, there is a kind of despise in their feeling about their parents, as if we would not be able to understand. We, the parents, are not initiated!
Obviously, a mechanism of thought reform has worked on them!

4. Kingsize deception and trickery :
From our children's point of view, the situation is clear: they belong to a political party involved in improving mankind. Improving mankind! Very attractive and noble idea, isn't it! Easy to understand how young adults may be lured by this stuff. Inside the movement, they are given the impression of being part of kind of political elite whose aim is to rule society. Using seduction, Larouche and Cheminade ask LYM members to sacrifice themselves to save the world. Stricken with the complexities of society themselves, they play on fear to develop loyalty of LYM members:
• announcing major economic crisis on the verge of plunging the world into a New Dark Age
• announcing the Third World War
• announcing that Al Gore’s film on global warming is not only based on unscientific findings, but that its influence would have disastrous effects if ecological protection laws were really implemented.
• announcing that both of the US Presidential candidates are swindlers (in spite of the fact that Larouche himself was condemned to prison on these same charges).
What is the reality? In addition to raising funds, the youths in this movement have basically one role: generate more fear. They solicit fear in by-passers by posting alarming statements. These statements twist our “shared” version of reality while continuing to be based on real current events. Potential recruits are reassured by the promise that their engagement is the only real true action that can save the world. This promise is also a “therapeutic” promise. By changing their attitude and joining the movement or at least by contributing funds, the individual can expect leniency and opportunity:
• Leniency with respects to group pressure and ordinary guilt feelings
• Opportunity to act upon what seem to be one’s conscious reasons for guilt.
No political aim at all!
What they can’t realize is that they have been manipulated into contributing to the perpetuation of the over inflated ego of their self appointed, totalistic leader and to his personal financial well-being, and to giving up their own capacity to think.

5. Jeremiah Duggan's death
The French Parents Group wonders about Jeremiah Duggan's death. Actions driven by Erica Duggan have raised some questions relative to the circumstances of her son's death. Of course, for our children, all these elements are part of a conspiracy against Larouche.
Our conviction is that Erica Duggan really needs to know the truth.

6. What are our strong wishes?
• We, French parents, want to express our support to Erica Duggan. German authorities must do their duty: bringing answers to legitimate questions Erica Duggan has raised for 5 years. If there are some blocking processes, these processes must be removed.
• We, French parents, wish a strong action against a dangerous movement which is in the process of destroying life and future of our children. Our strong wish for our children is they can achieve a normal life, as free citizens.

French Parents Group, October 2008

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We, the undersigned, xxx, as a French family, want to inform the participants of the Forum organized by Erica Duggan about our feelings about the Larouche Movement and its French part, Solidarité et Progrès.
Our son has been recruited by Solidarité et Progrès in 2003, bumping into young larouchists in the street of Grenoble. A few days later, he announced us he was going to attend a Larouche's conference in Paris. At that time, we knew nothing about Larouche, not even his name. In a couple of weeks after his recruitment, we realized the dramatic changes in his personality and in our relations. During discussions we had with him, we hardly recognized him. Abruptly, he rejected everything which characterized him before encountering this movement. His ideas had been completely changed, his words went tough. Discussions with him ended violently, which was not the case before. Actually, he abandoned all the activities he had before, to fulfill, on a full-time basis, the recruitment and fund-raising activities which Mr. Cheminade asks him to do on behalf of Mr. Larouche.
Since then, we did what everybody can do:
• Using the Internet to gather information about Lyndon Larouche and Jacques Cheminade. Googling these two names hundred times allow us to discover the controversial aspect of Mr. Larouche and his long history of out-of-limits statements which can be found in the tremendous number of documents he published since the 70's.
• Reading some books which had been written about Lyndon Larouche. Reading these books, we learned a lot about this movement and his history.
Therefore, what we can say today is that we are completely aware of the dangers the Larouche Organization represents concerning young adults and students. Dangers involve individual's psychology. Our son has been told when he entered the movement that their aim was to save the world. Instead, what we have noticed is that our son has endorsed, step by step, extreme views of Lyndon Larouche, and has become a conspiracy theories follower. He has been entangled in something which is nothing else than trickery towards young adults.
The result is that he has no more future and no more free will. At this period of their life, young adults are in the process of reaching their autonomy. Instead, entering this movement, our son has become completely heteronomous, that is to say "subject to external or foreign laws or domination". The result is that he doesn't manage his life any more.
Question: so, who manages his life?
Let's see how Mr. Larouche characterized himself at page 76 of his book "Power of Reason":
"Making men in my own image was the conscious articulation of my central purpose since 1946"
Hard to be clearer than that!
So, if the very man who had ruled this movement for decades, and is still at its head, says so, no doubt, we know what kind of organization our son and others young people have been deceived by! Crystal clear!
Answer: Lyndon Larouche! Here is the man who manages our son's life!
Like our son, Jeremiah Duggan has been trapped by this organization. We met Erica in 2004. We can't question the sincerity of a mother who has searched explanations since 2003. Everybody may understand that a mother would never have a quiet spirit until she knows the real reason why her son is dead. So, we support Erica Duggan for her courageous fight for truth.
Five years! It's enough! Erica deserves the truth about Jeremiah's death. It is the duty of German administration to open a new investigation.
Erica, we do hope that this forum will trigger this investigation.
Unfortunately, Erica, it has not been possible for us to participate to your forum. We regret. But all our thoughts come to you.

PARENTS: MR AND MRS Anonymous from France. We fear to release our names as we do not wish to have repercussions that would harm our relationship with our son.

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The Dangers of World Wide LaRouche Movement

This is an Australian family’s plea to open the eyes of the people in Europe, so that they will take action against this cult...we have a family member in the group.
Australia has a branch of the Lyndon LaRouche cult and young people are sent around the world, including Germany, to carry out the group wishes.
This group cons young people into devoting their lives to a worthless cause
They prevent family contact - A normal political party does not prevent families from interacting with their members.
These are the things that have happened to our family member.
Working for the LaRouche means you have to recruit other people into the group. Rewards are given if you do manage to recruit a new member.
Work for LaRouche youth involves long hours per day. Reading and studying LaRouche publications, webcasts and LaRouche approved history books are a compulsory activity. Daytime hours are spent setting up tables in the streets, malls, colleges and universities selling their publications and recruiting people. Travel to country areas and interstate is also involved. Other activities we know of include disrupting university events, attending demonstrations, deliberately creating confrontations at political events and organising cadre schools.
Similar work is done in Germany when recruits travel there. Our family member was in Berlin for 5 months.
After an evening meal, the recruits are back in the office pointlessly working the phones trying to get subscriptions out of people until late at night. Work goes on during the weekend. Saturday is spent in the office again, fundraising being the priority. Indeed the Australian arm of the LaRouche group boasts about how much money they raise in relation to other parties in the Australian Federal political system.
Great importance is placed on cultural activities such as music, singing, poetry and play readings. These are approved by the leaders and keep the recruits busy with no time for family or outside activities. These cultural activities hide the mind control techniques used by the group.
Since we have been in contact with other families in Australia and around the world, who are in a similar position to us, we know that other young people and older ones in the LaRouche cult are being subjected to similar techniques of mind control at what is termed “ego stripping” sessions, to the detriment of their health in body and mind.
The LaRouche movement uses well-known names from the history of philosophy such as Plato, Socrates and Schiller to give themselves a perceived respectability in the eyes of the world.

We call for further investigation into the death of Jeremiah Duggan

This con organisation needs to be outlawed in Germany and anywhere else it has established itself.