Astray: My life in a radical political organisation

By Aglaja Beyes-Corleis.

"Verrit" Mein Leben in einer radikalen Politorganisation. by Aglaja Beyes -Corleis

1. How are people changed?

The author describes a method of “self-induced brainwashing.” She tells how the individual is brought to the point where they can no longer bear the stress, shame and guilt anymore. It is taken as a positive sign when this point of breaking down is reached. It is at “break- down” point when the ideas of the LaRouche movement can be transplanted in the place of previous beliefs.

2. The destructive nature of the cult

3. Is the State responsible for the protection of its citizens?

4. The bigger question

5. Introduction (in English translation) By Imgo Heinemann, Executive Director of AGPF - Aktion für Geistige und Psychische Freiheit.

6. Original German introduction and contents